operation one direction

when Marie want to meet one direction she goes way too far


3. on our way

After we sleep for the night at anns house we go back to my house to grab the rest of our stuff, i go to mikes room to see if he will blow out on me, he opens the door as if he knew i was right there, he looks at my badly cut arm, i didnt even know that was there til i looked at it when mike pointed it out, he looks worried

"what, its not that bad" i say putting my hand over the cut

"no, im sorry for last night, i was just too.."

"i know, you always are too out to know anything but.." i stop, he pulls me into a hug

"i promise i will stop drinking, i don't want to anymore, after last night i lye in bed thinking of how i hurt you, i saw you limping when you started to run, and your arm, my ring cut you and im sorry" he hugs me tighter, i squeeze him, i missed being able to hug him, its been four years, he starts to cry

"its ok, i forgive you" i look up at him and smile, he kisses my forehead, i cant wait to tell ann, he lets me go still crying, he walks back in his room, and i run into mine

"ann guess what, mike and i are friends again, he promised me he would stop drinking" she hugs me

"great, the concert is in two days" we smile and get some other things together




sorry this is such a short chapter, i couldn't think of anything else, and thankyou for reading it, i really appreciate it, comment and like, fan me, and fave the book


love vanvan

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