operation one direction

when Marie want to meet one direction she goes way too far


6. love

Ann's P.O.V.

I went downstairs with Niall, and everyone but Zayn and Marie were eating breakfast. I went upstairs to find them. I opened Marie's door... Zayn was sleeping with her. I got the rest of them. "Zayn is so in love. Look what I saw", I went upstairs.

When I opened the door again, they were still asleep and they all awed in silence.

"Niall, get your guitar", Louis said.

"Are we gonna do what you guys did to me and Zayn when we needed to get up at the bungalow", Harry said

"Yep!", Louis said and smiled. I don't sing, so I'm just gonna watch

Niall came back with his guitar and they went in there/ "Ann, come on", Liam whispered

"No. I don't sing"

"Just come here", I went with them. They started to sing peacefully... then we jumped all around them. Marie fell out of the bed, She's such a klutz.

"oww why did you do that"

"Because you need to get up you love birds", I said

"Shut up he couldn't sleep"

"sure...", me and Niall said

"Jinx", we both said at the same time "double jinx, triple jinx, quadruple jinx, infinity jinx BLACKOUT" we said at  the same time too.

"Are we doing anything today", Zayn asked

"No. Why. ", Louis said

"Maybe they want some alone time", Harry teased

"SHUT UP WE'RE NOT A COUPLE", whatever. They so are.

Niall and I went upstairs and talked. I couldn't stop looking at his wrists. When he looked away, I looked at his wrists. "Niall, can I ask you something. Kinda important"

"Sure anything"

"How have you been ever since the whole cutting thing. Because, ever since I saw it, I just, want to know how you are so you will stop. I would die if anything happened to you"

"Well, I wanna go back. Yet, I wanna stay here. I like how funny it is here, but I wanna get away from being famous for a while. I will come back, I just miss when I didn't get a picture taken every second"

"Wow. Maybe we can go back today. I think they will understand. Just pretend to be sick and only me and Marie can take care of you. Your choice. Or,just tell them the truth and tell the public you're sick"

"I'll also the the boys I'm sick. Maybe we can say we forgot something at your house and I threw up while there"

"Perfect. Lets go pretend you're starting to hurt", we went downstairs. "Marie we need to go. Niall is getting a little sick. He felt dizzy, he's getting a fever"

"Ok, I'll get my things and we can leave", sh got her already packed suitcase and we left.

When we got in the car, Niall drove. "Niall don't drive. you're not feeling well", Marie said.

"I'm not really sick. I just wanna stay away from all this famous stuff for a while, to see how it feels. Please don't tell. And also tell the boy's I'm sick. Please"

"Ok. I will, but, what if they come over"

"They won't. We're gonna say that he only wants us to help because he wants to know how well we are. To see if he trusts us or not"

"Oh, Niall. Are those cut marks on your wrists" she asked

"Yeah. Don't bring that up too. Only you guys can pretty much know me"

"Ok. I won't try to bring you up too much or something related to you", I agreed with her.

When we got home, we all crashed on the couch. Then, Niall and I walked to the kitchen. We were pretty hungry. We forgot to get breakfast.

I'm afraid to tell Niall I love him, and I would even if he isn't famous. "Hey Niall,can I say something else. It's really hard to tell you. I don't know if you wold agree with me or not"

"Anything. You know you can tell me anything"

"Even if you aren't famous, what so ever, I would still love you"

"I'm lucky I found you. I love you too", he kissed me passionately. Marie just looked away and hid behind the couch so she couldn't see us or we see her.

"Marie we know you're hiding so you won't see", she got back up.

"Dang it"

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