operation one direction

when Marie want to meet one direction she goes way too far


7. JB

maries POV


after we got home, and ann and niall made out i went up to my room with my stuff, i didn't bother unpacking, since we weren't going to be here that long anyway, when i go back downstairs i see ann and niall on the couch watching a horror movie i have seen a thousand times

"hey marie, wanna watch this with us" niall asks me

"nah, i've seen it a thousand times, just like every other movie in this house" they laugh and i get a bowl of grapes from the kitchen and quietly make my way up to my room

"moments, in time, ill find the words to say" my phone rings

"hello" i say when i pick it up

"hi, its zayn, is niall ok" im surprised, why didn't he just ask niall himself

"yeah, he is doing better, but we might be here for a while" i say back

"can we come over" he asks and i hear louis yelling in the background

"no, he wants to learn to trust us, so he doesn't want any of you guys over, sorry" i say, there is a pause

"zayn" i say

"sorry, um, ok, well bye" he hangs up, what was that about

i eat my grapes and text my best friend/ex braiden, he i funny and entertaining, so he eventually just calls me and we talk for an hour until he needs to go, i think of him, i haven't seen him in months, ill invite him over tomorrow, when i look out my window its dark, i was talking to him longer than i thought

"marie, you ok, we haven't heard from you in hours" i hear ann outside my door

"yeah im fine" i say popping a tiny grape and putting it in my mouth

"can we come in" niall says

"sure" they walk in

"is everything ok" ann sits next to me on the bed

"yeah, just talking to a friend, why" i say, i think they think im doing something im not supposed to

"ok, who is it" niall says

"my ex braiden" i say getting suspicious myself

"what were you talking about" ann asks

"just normal stuff, and you have no reason to be suspicious, im the one who should be suspicious here, you two are overreacting a lot" i say, ann moves closer to me, i scoot away

"are you going to get back together" niall asks

"none of your business, now get out" i raise my voice and point to the door

"fine, make sure you can handle yourself around boys" niall says, i push them out and lock the door, i go change into a grey tank top and red baggy pajama pants, i put on clean socks and check a text from braiden

<from braiden> hey, can i come over tomorrow, i want to talk to you

<to braiden> of course, will 10 work

<from braiden> yeah, see you tomorrow

i turn on thrift shop on my phone, them LMFAO, then Justin bieber, i am a big belieber, he is my favorite singer, not to mention he is smokin hot, i signed up for a prize to spend a weekend with him, the winner will be announced tomorrow on TV, i hope i win, but will he like me, i lay back and fall asleep, holding my phone to my stomach

"marie, wake up" ann is shaking me

"what is it" i say

"you won the contest to meet Justin bieber, it just announced it, its the break, and will announce it again in a couple minutes" i run downstairs to the television, they news anchor says my name and invites Justin to the stage

"so Justin, what do you hope this girl will be like" i lean forward to the tv

"well, i hope she will be herself and treat me like any other person, i don't like a girl who is not themselves around me, and when i ask them a question i want them to tell me he truth" my heart pounds so hard im sure it will explode

"isn't that nice, what do you expect her to look like, or expect her to wear" Justin doesn't pause when he answers

"i expect her to just dress normally, but if classy is their normal im fine, but i expect her to have brown hair, and beautiful eyes, but i have never even seen a picture of her before" he says

"well we had each girl send us a picture with their entry, here it is" a picture of me comes up, im in normal clothes, a t shirt and boot cut jeans, im from Texas so im dressed as a cowgirl, i sent that picture on purpose because i have my accent still, and i am from a farm so that fits

"wow, she is beautiful, is this really her" he asks, his eyes wide and curious

"yes it is, i had a personal interview with her after she entered her ticket" the anchor says, Justin's eyes study the picture of me

"i cant wait to meet her tomorrow" he says, not looking away from the picture, my long brown hair falling beautifully to my hips, my steel blue eyes shining

"no wonder zayn loves you marie" niall says, i blush, i try to hold back my feel to scream, but it lets itself out

"aahhh, im meeting Justin bieber tomorrow, omg" i scream and jump up and down, ann joins me

"did you get the girls address" Justin asks

"no we did not, if you are watching send us a text of your address

i immediately do so

"ok, we got it" the anchor says

"perfect, ill pick you up at seven tomorrow marie" he looks at the camera and smiles

"now back to our" i turn the tv off when that segment is over

"im so jealous" niall says

"hahaha, i am so excited" i say and run into the kitchen to get a water and French toast, i go back up to my room and text braiden

<to braiden> i won the contest, Justin is picking me up tomorrow at seven

<from braiden> awesome, can i still come over...he asks

<to braiden> of course

 he says ok and i grab an outfit out of my closet for tomorrow, i get a long sleeve shirt with boot cut jeans, and my new pair of total black convers, i draw a hair design for tomorrow, using my artistic abilities, i draw my whole outfit with my hairstyle, i draw a picture of Justin  with his arms wrapped around me, smiling

"that's awesome" braiden says

"omg you scared me so bad" i say, when i nearly fell off of the chair

"sorry, but you are really good at drawing" he says, i stand up and hug him

"is it ten already" i say, he nods

"i was watching you draw for the past five minutes actually" he says, i laugh and he sits on the bed

"so, when is Justin picking you up tomorrow" he says

"seven, i texted you that" i say

"oh yeah" he says, i sit next to him

"so, wanna go to the park as soon as i get dressed" i ask

"sure, ill step out" i nod and he closes the door when he walks out

i change into a Justin bieber shirt and shorts, i grab my phone and high tops and walk out to braiden

"ready" he asks

"yep" i say and we walk downstairs

"have fun" ann says

"we will" i say and we walk out, the park is three locks from here so we just walk

"so, how is it going wit one direction" he asks breaking the silence between us

"good, they are making fun of me and zayn because he slept in my room at their flat" he laughs

"he couldn't sleep so i let him in" i say

"ok, im not going to make fun of you like they did" he says smiling

"thank you" i say as we get a block from the park

"so, anything besides zayn" he looks at me

"well liam treats me like a sister, which i love a lot, because we are a lot alike and stuff" i say looking straight ahead

"well that's good" he says, he is a directioner, and became gay after we broke up, so we wont have any drama, we know each other too well to even argue

"yeah, maybe you can meet them sometime" i say as we approach the park

"awesome" he says and looks at me wide eyed

"haha, next weekend" i say

"perfect" he says, we play tag at the park, hide and seek, and we just talk, we act like boyfriend and girlfriend, but we arent

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