Our Little Secret (15+)

**"I went over to her, pulling her arm and going into the prop room. "HEY! DID I SAY YOU COULD TOUCH ME?" she screamed. "Why do you hate me so much?" I say coldly.Her eyes widen and she looks at her feet at a loss for worse. "Is there even a reason?" I say softly. She looks up into my eyes. "Harry I-" she stopped with her mouth open, not knowing what to say. I laugh to myself. "We used to be so close." I touched her cheek and she surprisingly leaned into it, her eyes closed. "Sometimes a little too close." I smile.She opens her eyes and pushes my hand away. She shakes her head no. "Why Olivia? Because at the moment I don't know the reason why I hate you." I said getting out of the prop room. Did I just say that to her? I stop and think about going back. I can't I already said it, but it wasn't true. I don't hate her. I like her. A lot"**

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27. Chapter 25

Niall's P.O.V

I watched as they kiss, not knowing they are being watched. I feel guilty. If anyone would ever see them, they really love each other.

I just pushed them farther and farther apart.

I saw a tear roll down her cheek as she leaves him. "Do you want to talk to him?" Katie asks. S

he rubs my arm and looks at me with such sweetness. I smile at her and say, "Not now. I have a plan."

She looked at me funny. "What are you going to do?"

I looked back at Harry who was standing alone, his back against the brick wall of the building.

"Nothing." I said confidently. "I'm going to let them be. If I intervene, it'll only make things worse for everyone."

"Why would you make it worse?" she asks. I look at her with, on the verge of crying

"Because eventually I'll take his side. They really love each other."

I take her face in my hands.

"Why should I get in between that?" she smiles and says, "I'm proud of you." I kiss her sweetly and take her hand in mine.

"Me too."

Olivia's P.O.V

After music I told Louis to just pick me up from the school.

Luckily, Harry left right before he came, so no questions were asked.

Louis lived by himself in his own flat so we drove there.

As soon as i walked into his flat, I saw dimmed lights and candles everywhere. In the middle of the room was a round table with a white tablecloth draped over it with a small vase in the center of it with a single red rose.

There was two plates set up with serving trays. From one of the chairs, was a trail of crimson rose petals that led to the bed room.

"Do you like it?" he asked, while stroking my arm. I turned around and took his face in my hands.

I kiss him softly and say, "I love it."

He leads me to the table and pulls out my chair. I sit down and he lifts the cover for the plate. I see written out ketchup and fries : I LOVE YOU

My eyes widen and I look up at him. he has a smile on his face and he takes my hand once again and sits me down in the opposite chair. He, again, lifts the cover and there is a note.

Do You Love Me?

He raises his eyebrows and I rise from the chair. I kiss his lips.

It starts off slow and full of love, then it turns into something much deeper.

His tongue wipes across my teeth and explores my mouth. I push him in the direction of the bedroom, our lips never parting.

I lie him down on the bed and feel his hair. So soft. He moans against my lips and I smile.

Then, something happened, inside of me. I got nervous. NERVOUS. I suddenly become self-conscious.

I stop the make-out session and sit up. "What's wrong?" he asks. A bit annoyed.

I would be too, we were very close to having sex. Something.....I've actually been waiting for all day.

"It's just- I-I feel like this is planned. You know." I put my hands on his shoulders. "I know you went through a lot to construct this but, I feel like our first time together should be spontaneous."

I have no idea why I am saying this? I should be naked right now! Am I....no no I can't!

"I understand. I felt a little weird planning this too. I mean how do I explain to the girl at the store why I'm buying more than a dozen rose petals,candles and condoms. I just felt silly." He laughed and kissed me again.

"Okay. Now can we have the sleep over like last night. It was fun." he says.

I laugh and nod saying sure.

We laid down on his bed, with my head on his chest.

He stroked my hair until he finally said, "Do you love me back?"

I look up at him. Do I? I mean, yes, lately he's been giving me goosebumps and making me get dizzy. he's very sweet and always cares about me.

Do I love Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles at the same time?

"I love you." I finally say. I had to say it. It was true.

Why do I feel so bad about loving my boyfriend?

Oh yeah, because I fucked his best friend!


I would just like to know, who's on what team?


xoxo Louis Lover4evercheekeys

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