Our Little Secret (15+)

**"I went over to her, pulling her arm and going into the prop room. "HEY! DID I SAY YOU COULD TOUCH ME?" she screamed. "Why do you hate me so much?" I say coldly.Her eyes widen and she looks at her feet at a loss for worse. "Is there even a reason?" I say softly. She looks up into my eyes. "Harry I-" she stopped with her mouth open, not knowing what to say. I laugh to myself. "We used to be so close." I touched her cheek and she surprisingly leaned into it, her eyes closed. "Sometimes a little too close." I smile.She opens her eyes and pushes my hand away. She shakes her head no. "Why Olivia? Because at the moment I don't know the reason why I hate you." I said getting out of the prop room. Did I just say that to her? I stop and think about going back. I can't I already said it, but it wasn't true. I don't hate her. I like her. A lot"**

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4. Chapter 2

Olivia's P.O.V

I walked out of the car and quickly got away from the car before Niall could walk me to the entrance. I found Liam and wrapped my arms around him. "Thank god!" I screamed. "Someone missed me, I see." he laughs as I pull away.

"What do you think? He was always around the house, he never left! All summer long and no one was there! No one in particular!" I say, obviously talking about him. He scratches the back of his head. "Okay, so I went to camp? You survived!" I rolled my eyes, "Hardly! Some days I got tired and couldn't fake it anymore. I let some compliments out and did a little flirting! I had no one to cry about it to." I crossed my arms. He hugs me and laughs, "I'm sorry Livi but I never miss out on camp. Even for a friend." I smile and say, "You're forgiven. Now just take me to English class. Hate to be late on the first day." I said linking my arm with his. I got to the class. He left me when we passed the Math room.

I walked into the class and looked around the room for an open seats, getting various, 'Olivia sit over here!' and 'Livi, how was your summer?' I found my one friend Lauren but no seats were available near her. I looked around and only one seat was open, next to Harry. Just my luck.

I sat in the seat and starting going through my bag. "Your welcome." the husky voice said. I look up to meet his gaze. "What?" I asked annoyed. "For the ride. You never say 'thank you', you know?" he says. I can't be nice. I can't feel bad I didn't say thank you all those times. "Wash the car once in a while and maybe I will." I say with a cheeky smile. He faces his body towards me, "You know better than anyone that I treat that car like a baby." he smiles. The smile fades, "At least you did." He turned away. Okay, now I feel like a total bitch. The bell rang and class started.

Mr. Cutler walks in and writes something on the board. "Your biggest regret." he repeats what he put on the board. "I know you are going to have to write your college essays and all that 'fun' stuff but first I want you guys to remember what you are." he points at each and every one of us. "Teenagers turning into adults. Believe it or not, I was once a teenager, and I have some regrets." the class laughs. "Ha Ha. But I do. So the first assignment of the school year, is you are going to keep a journal, and write some of your biggest regrets. Whether they're small, or huge. No one is going to read them, I promise. What you write is your business." he hands out black notebooks, each with our names on them.

I spend most of the period writing down little regrets. My first time, when I tried sushi and got food-poisoning. Never again. I looked over at Harry, he's head in the book, deep in thought. I smiled at the concentrated look in his green eyes. I quickly averted my eyes when he looked up at me. Not long after, a note landed on my desk saying : Take a picture. It lasts longer. I blushed a bit but didn't let him see. I faced him, he had a clever smirk on his face. I crumpled up the piece of paper and threw it at him. "In your dreams, Styles." I whisper. His smirk disappears and he continues his writings as do I.

How do I just let myself hurt him? The bell rang and he continued to write. I put the journal in my bag and got up. "What does Harry Styles regret so much?" I say. He looks me up and down and mumbles, "More than you think." I breathe in and look him the eyes. I can't stand here like this, it doesn't help my act. I flip my hair over my shoulder and pull off a sour look as i walk out of the room.

Tears fought their way to the surface but I fought back. I went up to my two best friends. Lauren Mester has long blonde straight hair and green eyes. Joselyn Barks has long brown hair with blonde highlights and chocolate brown eyes. They greeted me with a hug. "How was your summer? I heard Harry was over your house almost everyday." Lauren teased. "I almost vomited everyday because of that. Thanks for asking." I say.

"Look who just blew in on her broom stick." said Joselyn. I turned around to see Sam Carter. She's in love with Harry. Him, my brother and his friends are the only boys in this school she hasn't slept with. She has this fantasy is the reason Harry and I hate each other is because I slept with him. She is so far off base. She gave me a stink eye as she walked past me. the smell of slut fermenting off of her.

When she was out of hearing, Joselyn turns and says, "She thinks she's shit, but guess what?" she says. "She has the least self respect." I say. "Alright, I got to go to Drama." I wave good-bye to my girls and head towards the drama room. Since the school funds are so low, drama was a mandatory class for a selected group of students.

I walked in and the first person I saw as Louis Tomlinson. He was another one of Niall's and my friends. I ran up to him and hugged him. "OLIVIA!" he screams. Louis is not like a brother at all. he makes sexual jokes around me all the time. All not serious but still. I sit next to him. "Might not want to do that." he says, his voice getting higher as he reaches the end of the sentence. "Why?" I ask. "Haz is sitting there." I blinked a few times. "Harry?" I say. He nods and moves to the other side of me.

Great, just what I needed.

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