Blonde Jokes

Even though I am blonde I still laugh about them and if you are lucky I might tell you my blonde moments as I do have them a lot...


36. 35. Fishing

Once a blonde decided to go ice fishing. She grabbed all her equipment and put on her fishing outfit.. She walked out onto the icy surface and found a good spot. She took a knife and made a large circle in the ice with it.

"NO! Not there! You will find no fish!" a booming voice announced out of nowhere.

So the blonde moved a few feet away and made another circle.     

"NO!! Not there either!!" The voice boomed again.

The blonde moved a third time, making another circle on the ice.

"I said, NO!! There is no fish there!!" The voice boomed again.

"Is that you, God?" The blonde called out.

"NO!!" The voice boomed. "It's the manager of the ice rink!!"

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