Little Things Happen. (Complete)

I'm alone.No one likes me,all my friends turned against me.It's dark.They've locked me in the cupboard,left for dead.This is my story of how everyone turned away.


3. The words

I edged into the dinning hall depressed and dejected,i couldn't help feeling like the whole world was against me,but things were exactly like that. It's funny though,one day I'm awesome have friends and am kind of popular the next day everyone is making me feel like I'm under ground.I got my lunch (the same everyday) ham sandwich and a bottle of orange juice. Then i began to walk towards my table,the one i sit at everyday it's a bit scruffy has drawings with permanent marker underneath (some of which i can not describe!) I skipped over to it and began to lay back in the chair i always sit in.

15 minutes late. Sophie (my best friend) had still not turned up,she always sits with me.Soon in the distance i noticed a girl that looked exactly like Sophie,she had the same blonde wavy hair that sat neatly on her shoulders and the sea blue eyes that she always got complements for.But it couldn't be her,she promised she'd sit with me. Cautiously i approached the table that she (or so i thought) she was sat in. Carefully i tapped her on the shoulder.

"Sophie." i said quietly

She slowly twisted her head around.

"What" she shouted.

She scanned down me. "Oh you!" she laughed

She turned back around and started chatting to her group of "friends".

"Sophie!" i said more demanding like.

She grabbed my boney wrist and tugged me out of the dinning hall and into the library.

"Listen," she hissed, "since that picture got out you became stupid and irritating,"she continued,"i go with the flow what others like i befriend,you are an idiot!"she shouted

"Bu-but were bes-" i was interupted

"Save it!", and then she stomped out. I've lost my best friend.The thing is i thought the picture was gone the only person i showed it to was, Katie. She used to be my best friend, i told her everything about my ugly past i lived a dangerous life back then.I showed her the picture one day and she took it.I had another one that i burnt but... It was Katie,she was the one who wanted to ruin me.

But why?   

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