Little Things Happen. (Complete)

I'm alone.No one likes me,all my friends turned against me.It's dark.They've locked me in the cupboard,left for dead.This is my story of how everyone turned away.


12. The time

A week until the trial i had to prepare i arranged what i was going to say and what i was going to wear (don't judge i have to look professional).All that done now i could just lay in my bed with my frothy hot chocolate with cream and a flake it won't make me forget but it will make thing a little better. I rapped my blanket around me and lay my head on the soft pillow. It didn't help i got up and stepped downstairs and slumped in my chair i sighed deeply and rubbed my eyes i'm tired lonely and scared i keep thinking that he'll come back this time take me away forever, i began to shake my mum ran in.

"Hey hey it's ok"she said soothing me,"how about no school today eh?"

I nodded my head slowly.

"You look shattered go and get some sleep"

I didn't move.

"Go!" she said pushing me up

"Ok,ok"i said getting up.

I smiled at her and she beamed back.

I closed my eyes firmly and drifted into a deep sleep.

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