Little Things Happen. (Complete)

I'm alone.No one likes me,all my friends turned against me.It's dark.They've locked me in the cupboard,left for dead.This is my story of how everyone turned away.


7. The boy

The  ambulance had came and left i had a huge bandage on my leg and antibiotics to take home.I watched the school, the place i have been at for 5 years disappear .My eyes began to flutter as tears spilled out they flooded my face, they made my words wobble but it wasn't the tears that made my heart flutter. He came closer and put his arm around me.

"It's ok" he said trying to sooth me.

He held onto my hand gripping it,making me feel safe,i knew he was someone i could trust someone who will take care of me,love me.I put my head into his chest and cried more,then someone approached us.

"Hey!" she screamed,"what are you doing with my boyfriend!"

Then everyting came tumbling down he released his hand from mine and ran into her arms.

"I'll never love her" i heard him whisper

And then they walked off,hand in hand into the sunset or so i hope so she burns and moves away cause she thinks it's his fault and- I'm over thinking this it will never happen.

I just sigh and walk home where my mum will be waiting.

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