Your secret admirer

Harper Maddock works in the homicide department in NYC. One day while she is out running, she finds a bloodpool, a poem, and a picture of her running. This killer is Harper's stalker and as he calls himself her secret admirer


1. Down the East River

It is cold, it is dark. There is no one around except for a man and a woman. The woman is dragged involuntary by the man. The woman has long golden blond hair, blue eyes red of fear. Her hands is bound behind her back and her mouth is shut by duct tape. She is gasping for air, knowing she can not escape her awful faith. When they reach the middle of the Brooklyn bridge, they stop.

"What a pretty face you have, too bad I can't let you. I'm really sorry, I'll explain it when we meet in hell" he said slowly.

He carries her over the railing, she tries to fight, but she there is nothing she can do. He takes out a small knife and cuts her wrist. The blood hits the side walk, and just before he pushes her in the water, he removes the tape.

"You are now able to scream, but at this point no one can rescue you"

He pushes her, and watch her fall in the water. She does not scream until she hits the water. The man knows he will never become a suspect for this murder, because he does not know her, she was chosen at random. However he leaves a note for a speciel someone to read:


Down, down, down she goes

Where she ends up no one knows

Past her every day you'll run

Her scream louder than the sound of guns

- Your secret admirer


Alongside the note he leaves a picture of a woman running. The woman running, is an homicide detective called Harper Maddock. 

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