My Wonderous Adventure


5. 4. Hanging out

Mallerim's P.O.V:

After the exchange of our numbers, we went our separate ways. I honestly was looking forward to seeing him again. While we were on the plane, he had comforted me and he was so funny and sweet. As I walked towards a hotel, I bumped into someone and I dropped everything. "Oh shoot. Im sorry." I bent down to pick my things up and the person helped me too. "Mallerim? Is that you?" I looked and saw Niall. "Hey. Are you following me?" I asked cheekily. He smirked at me. "Maybe, maybe not." I laughed at his response. "Can you help me with my things Niall?" "Sure." He grabbed my suitcase while I grabbed my guitar and toiletry bag. I told him which floor as we got into the elevator. I set down my bags for a minute because my phone was ringing. I looked at the caller ID and it was my mom. I answered it and prepared for the yelling.

***phone conversation***

Mom: Mal!! Where the hell are you!

Me: Mom calm down im fine. Im in London.

Mom: Why are you in London!? You're to young to leave on your own!

Me: Mom im not to young! And didn't you read the note I left for you and dad?

Mom: Yes we read your note but I think it's silly for you to go running off to meet a boy band who will never remember you.

***end of phone conversation***

I was getting mad. How could she tell me not to follow my dreams. I dont care if they dont remember me, I just want to meet them. I hung up on my mom and stomped my foot in anger. When the elevator dings, I pick up my bags and show Niall my room. I open the door and let Niall in. "Just put my suitcase on the bed." I put my guitar my the bed and put my toiletry bag in the bathroom. When I came out I saw Niall putting my clothes back into the suitcase. "Mall im so sorry. I dropped the suitcase and it opened." He looked down. I just laughed and helped him. "Its ok Niall. Dont be sad." He looked at me with a smile on his face. After we got my clothes picked up, we laid down on the bed. We just talked about ourselves and told jokes. It was nice to hang out with him. I enjoyed his company.

Niall's P.O.V:

After Mallerim and I parted our ways, I was thinking about if I should call her. I was to busy thinking about the decision, not watching where I was going until I bumped into someone. I looked down and she had dropped her bags. "Oh shoot. Im sorry." Wait! I know that voice. When I bent down to help her it clicked. "Mallerim? Is that you?" She looked up at me and she looked a bit surprised. "Hey. Are you following me?" She asked cheekily. I smirked at her question. "Maybe, maybe not." She laughed at my response. Then her face went soft. "Can you help me with my things Niall?" I couldn't say no. I mean I was the one who made her drop them. "Sure." I grabbed her suitcase so she wouldn't have to carry anything heavy and she grabbed her other bag and her guitar case. We walked into the hotel and walked into the elevator. She told me her room was on the seventh floor and I hit the 7 button. While we waited for the elevator to stop, Mall put her things down to answer her phone. I tried not to be that nosey, but it was kinda hard with, I think her parents, on the other end of the phone. I could tell by the look on her face that she as getting pissed at them and she hung up while stomping her foot. Just then the elevator dings and we get out of the elevator. She said her room number was forty-three. We walked until we found it. She unlocked the door and she let me in. After she put her guitar down she walked into the bathroom. She said I could put the suitcase on the bed, but I ended up dropping it. As I was putting her things back in, I heard her come out of the bathroom. "Mall im so sorry. I dropped the suitcase and it opened." I looked down, not knowing if she would get mad at me or not for spilling her clothes everywhere. She let out a really cute laugh and started to help me. "Its ok Niall. Dont be sad." I looked at her with a smile on my face, happy that she didn't get mad. After we picked up the clothes, we laid back onto the bed, just getting to know each other more and making a few jokes. Im starting to like her even more now and I dont think she even knows who I really am. When and I will tell her, I hope it doesn't change our friendship.  

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