My Wonderous Adventure


4. 3. Stalker

Guy from the bus' P.O.V:

Ever since I saw her on the bus, I just wanted to get to know her. I didn't tell her my name and she didn't seem to recognize me, but I was determined to know her. I woke her up from her sleep and told her that we were at the airport. When she got up, I saw she left her ipod so I got off the bus too. I followed her to the doors before I tapped on her shoulder. "You left this on the bus." I said handing her her ipod. She took her ipod and thanked me, then left to the ticket booth. I followed her and bought the same ticket to England. I wasn't expecting to get the seat next to her, so when I saw that my seat was next to hers, that just made me even more happy. When I sat down, I looked at her and said "Oh hey. What a coincidence." I could tell she was annoyed with me but I wasn't going to give up just yet. As the plane took off I felt her grab my hand. I smiled to myself and looked over at her. "Not a fan of flying?" She looked at me and shook her head no. "Well you can squeeze my hand for the whole flight if you'd like." I smiled at her. She blushed before removing her hand from mine. During the whole flight we talked and watched the flight move which happened to be 'A Walk To Remember.' When the movie ended I looked at her and she was wiping the tears away. Not just after the movie ended, the speakers came on saying that we will be landing in about 30 minutes. I put my seatbelt on and turns towards her. "I forgot to introduce myself. Im Niall." She shook my hand and replied "Mallerim." I gave her my number and she blushed a little but smiled. "I would like to see you again." She blushed even more and gave me her number. I was bursting with joy inside. I couldn't wait to see her again.

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