My Wonderous Adventure


3. 2. Leaving

As I woke up I looked at my clock. It read 6:30 a.m. Good my parents aren't up yet. I got dressed, grabbed my bag from under my bed and walked down stairs. As I got down stairs I pulled out a pen and paper and wrote my parents a note. It read 'Mom, Dad you didn't do anything wrong. Im just going on an adventure. You always say im to young to do things. Im going to show you that your wrong. ~Love Mallerim.' I put the note on the table where they would see it. I grabbed a bite to eat and headed to the bus stop. Once I got there I sat down on the bench and waited for the bus. I only had to wait for ten minutes before it came. I gave the guy my bus fair and took a seat in the back. There was only one person in the back but he/she didn't seem to notice me. As I sat next to the person I took out my head phones and listened to music. I hadn't noticed I fell asleep until someone took my ear bud out. "Sorry to wake you up but the driver said we are at the air port." I dont remember telling the driver my destination but I just nodded my head. "Thanks for waking me up." I got up and went to get off of the bus. As I was heading into the air port, someone tapped on my  shoulder. I looked behind me and I saw the guy from the bus. "You left this on the bus." He said handing me my ipod. "Thanks." I turned back around and grabbed my ticket and headed to my gate. As I took my seat I saw the guy from the bus get on the same plane as me and he sat next to me. "Oh hey. What a coincidence." He said. I just sat back in my seat. This was going to be one long flight.

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