Iley had a harsh life her parents were found dead out of the blue when she was 5 she never had any friends she never went to school and she has no family what secrets will Iley find when she finds a relative and what evil darkness will she awaken who will she meet what will happen


1. Pain

Ileys p.o.v I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing it was my foster mother wanting to know if i would like to go shoping with her. I looked at the clock it was 6:15 i started home schooling with mt private tutor at 8:00 i wonder what its like to be in an actual school.The world will never know me i thought. I went down stairs to make me some breakfast. I opened the fridge only to see a note telling me were my mom was and breakfast. I sat down an opened up the baggel and iside was two chocolate donuts and some caremel coffee. Yum! After breakfast i changed into my gym clothes an ran my daily walk. As i was running i ran into a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. Gosh watch where your i going i said! Oops i am so sorry i didnt see you there he said. He had an irish accent charming. Its ok it partially my fault i wasnt paying attentiom because well no one runs down this old allry and behind this old abandoned house. I said. Well um... im new here actually my name is Niall Niall Horan he said nervously. Well Niall im Iley and if i were you id get a runnin its 7:23 and i have to be back before 8:00. I saod . If you dont mind me asking why do you have to be back at 8 he said. Well i am home schooled what aboit you are you in school I asked. Well Iley im starting tomorrow he said. We got back to my house and he gave my a quick hug and then he ran off.
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