will you ever love me like i love you?

Hi i'm Niall Horan theres this girl Lia shes so beautiful but she just can't see that. One day she will know just how beautiful she is and i plan on being the one who proves it. she needs someone in her life everyone else has left, but no not me i plan on being there forever!


4. good news your getting adopted

*niall's p.o.v*

i can hear her singing oblivion by Bastille she has such a beautiful voice she is hitting the high notes beautifully! but suddenly she stopped and some words that crushed my heart were spoken! "good news you're getting adopted!" 

*lia's p.o.v*

what! did i just hear that right!? im getting adopted! a smile grew on my face but i don't know why what if i didn't like them what if they were weird! i have all my friends here but i won't get to see them when i leave! "would you like to meet them" kirsty our care worker asked i nodded my head even though i wanted to shake it. i followed her down the stairs and into a big room. i have never been in this room before probably because no one ever wanted to adopt me it is kinda scary! "sit down love" kirsty said. i sat down on a big chair, soon enough a man walked through the door he sat down on the chair beside he "hi im paul what your name?" he asked kindly i tried to speak but nothing came out "umm..her name is Lia" kirsty had to answer for me she gave me a reassuring look to say it was ok and i believed her. i reached my shaking hand out for paul to shake and he did, it made me feel more relaxed. "well paul i have to go through some paperwork with you while you lia can finish packing i'll see you in a minute and help you bring your bags down." kirsty said i just nodded and got up to go upstairs before i closed the door i took one last look at my new dad he seemed kind i guess it won't be too bad.

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