Letters To Niall Horan

Dark curls underneath a green beanie,
Voice as dark as the sea,
Two beautiful green emerald eyes,
That was the man, who had murdered me.

My name Is Paige Walker, well now it's Madison Loyette. I saw something that I wasn't supposed to see, and now I've lost everything. Family, Friends, but most importantly, I lost my best friend Niall Horan, Until I picked up a pen and paper. Now he knows I'm out there, and there is nothing I can do about it. But if Niall knows, then so does the man, who murdered Niall's sister, and wants to kill me.


15. xxsophixx

"So what's up with you guys?" Gemma Asked as soon as we sat down.

"I have my best friend back, and that's all we are" I said

"Well, we're all officially confused, so you have some explaining to do, starting now" she said.

I started from the start, when it was just me and my best friend Sophi, then how we met Niall, then us growing up together, then me 'dying', then my second life, then now. It took me about 3 hours.

"Damn" Zayn said. Causing me to laugh, but the others to stare.

"After all she's been through, I think she's gone crazy" Gemma said

I just laughed a lot harder, earning more stares and eventually, I got a few laughs too.

"I totally frogot all about Sophi" Niall admitted

"Oh, well that's real nice Niall, 'I frogot all about one of my best friends' "I said sarcasticlly.

"I think she's a youtuber now, I don't know" Niall said.

I laughed a little more, before heading over to the laptop in the corner.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked

"You'll see."

I went on youtube and looked up 'Sophia Russo' but nothing came up. I went back to the search box and looked up 'Sophi Russo', and got a lot more results.

She's wierd with her nicknames.

I clicked on channels, and the account xxsophixx came up, I clicked on it, and sure enough, there was my best friend. She looked so much older, and prettier, but I'm pretty sure we all look better than we did 3 years ago.

I clicked on the boyfriend tag video.

"Hai! This week I'm with Ashy! My boyfriend, which whom I am doing a video with"

Yep. Still a dork.

They did a few questions, and she got most of them right, which suprised me.

"Thank you guys for watching, this will be my last video for a while, because we're going to AMERICA! I will be staying with the fabulous Tyler Oakley, and Ashton will be on tour, so I will be with a bunch of youtubers, and Ashton will be on tour with a band that will not be named. See you guys soon, I love you all, BYE!" she said, turning off the camera.

I just rolled my eyes, man she was a huge dork.

I turned around to see Niall at behind me, which made me jump. He just laughed at me.

"She looks really happy" He said as we both sat back down.

"She probrally is, they looked perfect"

He just rolled his eyes.

I turned around to see everybody else at the compuer, I went over to see what they were doing.

They were looking at my best friend.

She was wearing a White dress with one thick shoulder strap, and one small strap, with ruffles. It has a brown ribbon-belt. It looked like she had Ombre` hair. She looked like her boyfriend had taken the picture without telling her, because her hair was messy, but it was really pretty.

"Dude, your friends hot" Harry said looking at Niall.

"Shut-up Harold"

A/N: 17 likes for next chapter. BTW in the next few chapters, shit WILL get real! Then it'll calm down, then some scary shit is gonna go down. So, yeah, see that Sophi person^ she's gonna be important. And see that Ash guy^^^^^ He'll also be important. hehe stay tuned!

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