Letters To Niall Horan

Dark curls underneath a green beanie,
Voice as dark as the sea,
Two beautiful green emerald eyes,
That was the man, who had murdered me.

My name Is Paige Walker, well now it's Madison Loyette. I saw something that I wasn't supposed to see, and now I've lost everything. Family, Friends, but most importantly, I lost my best friend Niall Horan, Until I picked up a pen and paper. Now he knows I'm out there, and there is nothing I can do about it. But if Niall knows, then so does the man, who murdered Niall's sister, and wants to kill me.


14. Storytime

It was Niall. Trashing EVERYTHING.He was screaming, and crying, and just a mess. "Niall!" I screamed. He didn't listen. "NIALL" I said again, still nothing. I ran over to him, and grabbed his jaw, as gently as possible, and made him look at me.

"Don't" I simply said, the tears still coming down his face. I looked at him, tears starting to fall of my own. I pulled him in and hugged him, for a very long time, and I could tell we were both crying. I pulled away, and looked at him.

"Can we go talk somewhere?" I asked him, and he just nodded his head yes.

I walked down a path, near the hill. The same path that we walked the first time we saw eachother again. The walk was quiet, besides muffled sniffling and me picking up flowers and twigs. We finally got to a little open part, when sun came through. I went over and sat on a log, Niall sitting behing me.

"Ni, can I tell you a story?"

I looked back at him, and just gave a little head nod.

"ok, so once upon a time, there were two little kids, a girl and a boy. They were best friends for 16 years. Around the girls 16th birthday, she found out she was a princess, so she had to leave the boy, but she couldn't tell anybody, not even her parents. They didn't want anybody to know who they princess was, so they changed everything, even her name. One day, the princess saw the boy, and the boy told her he loved her, and she said that she loved him back, even though she knew that she couldn't date him. The boy asked her out, and she said no. They were both heartbroken. She thought they moving way too fast, and she needed a bit of space." I looked back at him, and he just nooded.

"ok, I-I get it." he said looking down.

"I-I don't know Niall, it's like I love you, I really do, I just don't love-love you, but I love you like, more than a friend-I, don't know, but can we just be friends for now?"

"If I can't be your boyfriend, I don't want to be friends" he said

I never knew such simple words could break me. I could feel the tears coming. I looked up at him.

"wha-what?" I asked.

"I wanna be best friends" he said.

I laughed a little and looked down.

"Niall James Horan, don't you dare scare me like that again!" I said throwing the flower crown that I had weaved during the story, with the flower and twigs I found, at him.

"Hey!" he said.

"Come on" I said, grabbing his hand and walking back.

We finally got the door.

"We good?" I asked.

"Yea, we good" He said, before going into the cabin.

AN: Yay for people who can fix laptops! ok, anyways I decided to slow the story down, and I made a new cover too. Also GEMMA FREAKING STYLES FOLLOWED ME ON INSTAGRAM.Tuesday, August 20 7:56 PM. I'm still screaming! i really hope you like the story!

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