How To Save A Life.

I entered this for the competition "Inspired by a song."
I hope you like it!


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Dear Em,


    So here I am sitting on the only chair by the side of your bed, thinking about how many other people have sat here before me staring at the wires and needles encasing the person in front of them. It’s kind of like a coffin, don’t you think? A coffin made of various tubes that drip so many strange medications into a body that you become unsure of where the blood begins and the chemicals end.

    Although I guess it’s weird for you too, lying there trapped in your own skull, it’s quite weird for me as well, sitting here, watching you. I mean, there’s such a disparity between what you were like, I don’t know, a couple of weeks ago, and what you’re like now. Flushed cheeks now as white as snow. Casual talking now non-existent. Warm hands now cold, as if you’ve been holding an ice-lolly for way too long. Isn’t it strange how something as common as a car, that doesn’t really make much difference to anything in reality, can change things so immediately, so completely?

    I need to get going now. Dad’s insisting on taking Felix and I out for dinner tonight to that restaurant that we went to last year for your birthday. It should be fun, although it would be a whole lot better if you were able to answer your phone so that I could complain about normal stuff like the ridiculous lack of normal ice cream in that place, or Felix getting snot all over me.

    Sorry, I’m getting a bit emotional. I need to stop that. It’s just weird watching your best friend unravelling before you. You’re kind of like a yoyo in that way I guess…unravelling slowly, and then all at once.


I’ll be back tomorrow,

Lots of love,

Your unwilling-to-be-used-as-a-tissue-friend.

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