Forever Lost

Robin Hill has spent her entire life trying to forget her past. the only thing she wants to remember is the memories of her best and only friend Niall Horan. but what happens when he auditions for the X Factor and stops talking to her. will Robin want to Forget those memories to?


19. I'll come for you

Niall p.o.v.


“Mum, they just took Robin to an orphanage. When are you coming back?” I called my mum as soon as they left. “Wait why?!” my mum sounded frantic. I explained everything to her that happened. “Ok we will go as soon as I get back. I can’t believe they would do that.” “Thanks. But she wont be my sister right?” I wasn’t going to date my sister. “Of course not.” And with that she hung up.

            I called Robin to tell her no to get comfortable. I couldn’t wait to have her back.




I said this one would be short.

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