Forever Lost

Robin Hill has spent her entire life trying to forget her past. the only thing she wants to remember is the memories of her best and only friend Niall Horan. but what happens when he auditions for the X Factor and stops talking to her. will Robin want to Forget those memories to?


20. am I being adopted?

Robin p.o.v.


I was sitting in a room with no one else. I had the room all to myself. No one to talk to. This was like a prison. “Robin there are people here.” The headmistress came in and said. Niall wasn’t going to be here until tomorrow. I got up and followed her to her office. “Robin these are the Yearlys. They would like to adopt a girl.” “First off, who in their right mind would adopt a 17 year old girl? In a year I’m moving out.” I didn’t care if those people were in the room, I wasn’t going home with these faggots. I mean come on the girl looks like she just came out of a Barbie box. And the guy, he was so tan that he looked like his skin was burnt.  “I don’t think you should talk to us like that.” “Oh shut up Malibu Barbie!” I yelled. “Robin! You can’t talk to people that way.” After that I walked out. With what just happened in there, if anyone wanted to adopt me. Ha no one would adopt me after that.


            “Robin how come your suitcase is still packed?” headmistress asked. “I’m leaving tomorrow, well more like later today.” She walked out.



Niall p.o.v.


At eleven my mum got home and we were on our way. “Hello we would like to adopt a girl.” my mum said to the lady. “What age?” “17.” I said pretty loudly. My mum just looked at me with the wtf face.  “Ok right this way. We only have two girls that age. One of them was supposed to get adopted yesterday.” My heart almost stopped. “But she was being disrespectful to the lovely couple. So they decided not to take her.” That sounds like her. Well here are the girls ages 13-17. 17 is at the end." I ran to the end of the hall. I opened the last door on the hall since well I just had a feeling. I bursted through the door and ran to the bed. I found my princess. 

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