Marriage law

Okay so... Normally this is more of the kind of thing you would get on but... I don't have an account and prefer Movellas anyway to be honest, so this is a Marriage law fanfiction... So it is a Hermione and Charlie, because I ship Hermione with lots of people and Charlie has always been one of my favourites.
As you may have guessed, I write a lot when I can't sleep due to insomnia, this is one of those cases. ;)

This is one of my first fanfictions I wrote anyway, so it is already complete, but I just tweak a few things as I upload really. I only just got the confidence to upload this really, so I hope it is good. :) (because this has been hanging around my room for years.)


2. No such luck

"So... Let me get this straight..." Charlie began awkwardly, but was cut off by Hermione who seemed to be taking the news pretty bad.

"No!" she snapped, raising her palms in the air.

They were inside the ministry, as Hermione had insisted they go along to this open day and force them to see reason, so far... This plan was not working.

She had put on her best grey suit, the one that she had worn for job interview at St Mungos, and was determined to prove she could not be married.

Having gathered sufficient, and what she hoped was substantial, proof from past history texts that the marriage law never worked, she slammed that down on the desk of the timid looking man who was dealing with them.

"There!" she all but shrieked, "evidence. This law never has, and never will work!"

The man flicked through nervously, then closed it quickly, wetting his lips anxiously with the tip of his Tongue.

"Look... I'm sorry, but unless you were married before this law came out or are at risk, I can't help you..."

Half an hour later, they stormed out, well Hermione did... Charlie merely held the door open and walked out calmly.

"They can't!" she screeched as he jogged to catch up to her. "They just can't... It's not right!"

"They kind of are Mia..." he muttered.

"Not you as well!" she shouted closing her eyes, Charlie stopped walking looked both puzzled and scared.

"My name is Hermione... I hate it when people shorten it..."

"Oh... Ron always-"

"Yeah, and that's Ron." she snapped,  walking on ahead before stopping and looking back.

"I'm sorry Charlie..." she sighed. "I shouldn't take my frustration out on you..."

"It's alright, I know you're just stressed." he said easily, throwing an easy grin inherent direction. Hermione blushed and turned away.

"Right..." she said quietly to fill the silence that settled between them.

"How about we go and get some lunch?" he asked suddenly. Her eyes lit up as she nodded eagerly.

"You sure?" she checked, and he nodded.

"Yeah, it's not lime there's any rush, besides... We have a wedding to plan." He reminded her, she nodded, only tensing up momentarily at the reminder of their fast approaching wedding.

"I suppose..." she said as they set off for a small cafe.



"Hungry?" Charlie asked amused as he watched Hermione dig into a large plate of the chips that the waitress had just brought her. 

"Yeah..." She said, whilst sprinkling some salt over her chips. "Problem?" She asked as she looked up to see him still grinning. Charlie shook his head quickly, deciding today really must be a bad day for Hermione. Meanwhile, Hermione was wondering what Charlie was still watching her for. "Well...?" she asked again, sounding confused now. 

"It's just good to see a girl actually eat..." He said airily, picking up his own fork at last and starting on the pasta another waiter had just brought him. 

"Well... We are getting married in less than two months..."She explained, returning to her plate moodily, "I don't see the point in pretending anything." She said.

"Good, you should give more girls lectures like that." Charlie grinned as he continued eating. 

"I used to write a blog when I was younger." Hermione said, before frowning, "But you don't know what that is of course..." She muttered, "Erm... It's like a diary... On the internet... That's a thing on a computer, which lets you search for things, and watch things on it." Charlie just stared at that, before shrugging as he looked down at his food again. 

"Okay." Was his reply, and Hermione laughed, causing him to look up in shock. 

"You have no idea what I am on about do you?" She asked in answer to his questioning look. 

"Well, no... But I think it is one of those things that use that Elektricity that Dad is nuts about right?"

"Yeah," she admitted smirking, "yeah it is..."

They ate in silence for a while, until Charlie awkwardly broke the tension by clearing his throat. 

"I wondered what we are going to do..." He said when he caught her attention several coughs later as she (giggling) asked if he required a cough drop, "When were married I mean." He clarified as she shrugged.

Hermione looked down at the tablecloth again, taking a deep breath. 

"You can't just leave work..." She said quietly, to which he nodded, as though it had been a question. "And I... By law... Am required to stay with you..." Again he nodded like it was another question.  "Not much we can discuss then is there..." She stated, looking up at him once more, into the green eyes set in a tanned face that was surrounded by long red hair (the trademark Weasley in him) Charlie Weasley.. The man she was supposed to marry in less than two months. 

It was so unfair, this law the ministry had imposed on them all, like they had the right to choose who and when people should marry. And what if she never fell in love Charlie? Sure maybe they could develop a bond perhaps even a slight crush, she had to admit he was good looking, and nobody could deny he was not fun to be around. The carefree attitude he held towards life was infectious, and even she felt a little lighter after spending lunch with him. 

"Did you hear me Mia- Hermione?" Charlie asked, breaking her out of her thoughts. Charlie cursed himself internally, he had never let her nickname slip out again, and she was only just starting to lighten up. Luckily, she had not heard, and turned to face him blinking slighlty.

"I'm sorry?" 

"I said, it's not fair I know... But I think we can make it work, we can visit every weekend if you like and after the first few years, they give the couples a longer leash so to speak."

They finished their meal and left soon after, apparating back to burrow, each lost in different thoughts. 

"How'd it go?" Ron asked as they walked in, Charlie slightly behind Hermione. "Are they going to let you off?" The marriage between his ex and older brother seemed to have freaked Ron out more than anybody, and he had been one of the most supportive in their going to the ministry today, to the extent of helping out with the research. 

"No such luck." Hermione said tiredly, then turned to Charlie, "We need to ask your Mum about the Cake." He nodded, and they walked through to the kitchen where Molly was sat with Ginny and Luna going through a dress magazine and tapping the ones they liked with her wand so a circle appeared around them.



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