Marriage law

Okay so... Normally this is more of the kind of thing you would get on but... I don't have an account and prefer Movellas anyway to be honest, so this is a Marriage law fanfiction... So it is a Hermione and Charlie, because I ship Hermione with lots of people and Charlie has always been one of my favourites.
As you may have guessed, I write a lot when I can't sleep due to insomnia, this is one of those cases. ;)

This is one of my first fanfictions I wrote anyway, so it is already complete, but I just tweak a few things as I upload really. I only just got the confidence to upload this really, so I hope it is good. :) (because this has been hanging around my room for years.)


4. Harry gets tactful.

"Why are we going out again?" Hermione asked in confusion as Charlie held open the door to the restaurant for her, and closed it behind them.

"We have to get to know each other Mi- Hermione I mean..." he said, relieved when she simply raised her eyebrows at her nickname. She seemed to be genuinely happier today than the last time, perhaps it was because of the Ministry that time, he didn't truly think she could be so moody really, it didn't tally with Harry and Ron's love for her.

"And plus I have a gift for you..." he heard himself say nervously as he held out her chair. She sat down and looked up in shock at him.

"A gift?" she asked, as though she didn't believe him. He nodded, and sat down himself.

"Yeah... Look I know that this whole marriage was not what you wanted... It didn't exactly fit into my plans either to be honest, but me and the lads agreed, it was still appropriate for us all to give you a ring each. That's where we went today." he explained, sliding a small red velvet box in her direction across the table. "I want you to have it. Please, it would make me feel better." he said quickly as she tried to say how he needn't of done this. She opened the box, the ring inside was... Normal looking. Practical and not too flashy. A simple diamond, quite small, placed in the middle of the silver band which glinted as he slid it onto her finger gently.

"They had some flashier ones there, but I thought you would prefer this." Charlie said quietly, and she nodded, smiling up at him genuinely.

"I love it... Thank you so much Charlie." she said honestly.

They enjoyed their "date" which seemed more just like a meal with a new friend. Although both had to admit, and did in the end, that they had enjoyed it.

They made an effort to talk about each other, asking questions, which both had to answer, before another question could be asked. They took it in turns to ask the questions.

"Favourite song?" Charlie asked, as he took a sip from his glass of butterbeer and smiled while he waited for her to answer. She paused to think, stroking the rim of her glass with the tip of her finger while she waited, then finally said.

"Annies song by John Denver or Feels lime home, Edwina Hayes version."

"I haven't heard them..." Charlie said, wrinkling his nose as he tried to remember if he had or not, a habit (Hermione was fast learning) he did whenever he thought hard about something.

"They are Muggles, I will play you them later." She promised. "What about you? What's your favourite?"

"Well... I went through a weird sister phase, but I think I'm getting too old for modern music now," he grinned, "I actually like just the plain instruments, bit different to what most expect given the whole dragon tamer and muscle." he says.

"Who do you like?" Hermione asked interestedly, leaning in slightly, so she could hear better.

"I actually quite like Beethoven and probably... Bach. They were wizards you know." Charlie said, nodding at her as though he felt cool for having this knowledge.

"Yeah, educated at home instead of at an official school though, so nobody knows their grades or full ability." Hermione said wistfully, as though she had tried herself to look up this information and felt insulted at the lack if it.

"Yeah, they were amazing though." he said.

"Are you going to order?" asked a disgruntled waiter a while later, "You have to go if you're not."

"We have to go now..." Charlie said awkwardly, and Hermione picked up a bread roll quickly, while he apologised.

"Why are leaving so quick?" she asked, munching on the bread as they walked around outside.

"Because were going here instead." he told her pouring a little way off, Hermione squinted to read the sign hanging from the small shack like building.


They bought a bag each, and took them to sit on a bench on the side of the road.

"I prefer this." Hermione announced suddenly, looking around her.

"Really?" he asked shocked, when his Dad had suggested they all do this, he had stressed how important it was to plan and have a fantastic idea that she would love. All he had done was chatter for an or two, then buy her a bag if chips. (well half a bag, she insisted they go halves on the bill.) "Yeah." She continued quietly, "It's simple and easy. Thank you for bringing me." she smiled at him, then returned to eating the rest of her chips.

"Y-y-your welcome." Charlie said slightly shaky but trying to even his voice out.

After they finally finished eating at around six, they decided to head back because an awkwardness seemed to have settled between them.

They entered the burrow, relieved to find nobody in the living room ready to bother them about how it went.

"I'll go and... Lie down I think..." Charlie suggested awkwardly.

"Yeah... Me too... " Hermione said, following up the stairs. "I mean like in my room and everything... Well Ginny's room, but you know what I mean..." She stuttered upon hearing what she had said.

"Yeah..." he said quietly. They stood there a moment, then practically sprinted into the opposite rooms, Hermione in Ginny's, and Charlie in his and Bill's old room they used to share. However now that Bill was married, it was him and Percy.

"Hello, your back early." said both Ginny and Percy at the same, although in separate rooms.

"Yeah..." Hermione and Charlie muttered back, sinking onto their beds almost in synchronisation, although they didn't know it.

"So... Did you kiss?" Ginny asked, at the same time Percy said, "Well please be careful how much noise you make, I will hex you if you start snoring, I'm trying to write this."

Back in Ginny's room, Hermione groaned into her pillow.

"No! And why would I tell you if we had?" she meant it rhetorically, but Ginny shrugged and said, "Because then we can swap grisly details on technique?" she suggested yawning.

"Your disgusting!" Hermione said, throwing one of the beds fluffy cushions in the direction of the red head now grinning on her own bed.

"So did you?" She asked, as though she couldn't help it.

"No." Hermione said, Hoping that was not regret in her voice.



"Right, So Fred and George, your's is a joint wedding, 21st of July." Molly checked, glancing at the over the calendar she was holding.

They nodded their approval, as they had their mouths full of toast at the time and could not reply.

"Right, then Ron and Luna, any date?" she asked, mainly directing it at Ron.

"I think we should have it on the 14th." Luna put in, stirring her porridge and adding some syrup to it as she did so with her wand. She had been staying with them in since it had been announced she was to be with Ron in order to help with the preparations. Admittedly she sometimes hindered progress with the way she was, but you couldn't exactly leave the bride out of her own wedding could you?

"Whatever." Ron shrugged as though any day would be too soon for him, and Ginny and Hermione glared at him. "What?" he asked, as though he really could not see what he had done wrong.

"Okay, 14th it is then. Now Charlie and Hermione, do you have any day planned?" Molly continued as though she had not noticed anything.

Startled at being asked, Hermione and Charlie jumped, then turned to look at each other as if asking.

"I have to be back at in Romania in two months, so we have to be back before then." was all Charlie said. Although Hermione understood this, she still felt a surge of anger at the way he assumed that she would just have to go with this. What if she wanted to wait a while longer? The ministry had told her he had a maximum of five months to be married in... Why couldn't they wait till after then. Fighting to keep her voice even, she suggested this to them.

"Absolutely not!" Molly said at once. "I'm not too sure how these things go in the Muggle world, but we have to be married first in the Wizarding world."

"Can't we just... I will stay here then?" Hermione tried, more than a little upset at the way everybody but Harry was looking at her now. In pure shock that she would suggest such a thing.

"I can't come back down till new year, so it would take us over the time frame." Charlie explained quickly.

"Wizards have to be married first?" Harry asked sounding puzzled.

Everybody nodded.

"Yes dear, it will be an even stricter rule now they have the marriage law too." Molly told him.

"Well... I don't think I'm ready yet..." Hermione said quietly.

"I know, but there is not a lot we can do..." Charlie whispered back.

"We can make it a very low key wedding Hermione." said Arthur suddenly from his armchair. "Just the basic ceremony and no after party." Molly turned to face her husband with wide eyes.

"That sounds better." Charlie said firmly, causing Hermione to feel that anger again that he did not consult with her and just decided.

"I... Well... Wouldn't you like a little party after dear?" Molly asked her, as though Hermione was her last hope.

"No thank you... I quite like the idea of just the ceremony." she said, annoyed she had to agree when she would rather have had a better solution herself.

"Right... So how about the... 13th then?" Arthur asked, peering at the calendar his wife was holding himself. Still feeling it was still too soon for her liking, Hermione paused. Could she really manage this? Could she really get married.

"Okay." She finally said, then excused herself for a walk. 

"I'm coming too." Harry announced, standing up and following her out the front door.

"You don't have to come Harry, I'm fine." Hermione told him warily as he caught up to her by jogging lightly.

"No you're not." he said brightly, smiling at her and carrying on walking ahead. Hermione gawped after him for a moment, just standing still, she was my used to Harry wing so perceptive to emotions.

"I thought you wanted a walk?" He called back to her, a grin apparent in his voice. 

Sprinting after him, Hermione caught up and shrugged when he looked at her.

"I do..." she said.

"So what's wrong?" he asked, kicking at a gnome planted in the ground which was swearing up at him angrily.

"I just..." she began, then suddenly she couldn't keep it in any longer. "Everybody seems to be fine with this law, and they seem to just accept it and go along with it!" Harry nodded, as though he understood. "I mean, it's alright for you of course, you're going to marry your girlfriend who you were planning to propose to anyway, all this has done has meant you don't have to pay for your wedding... And Fred and George always fancied those pair, and everybody else just seems to be fine. All except me, I'm marrying a man I hardly know, at least seven years my senior and who I will have to relocate for." she felt a tear slip down her cheek. "I'm not ready Harry." she said quietly, wiping it away. "I am scared to death, I don't know how to be a wife! I'm still a virgin! I wanted to remain that way! It would be difficult enough if it was a man I loved, but I don't love him. How am I supposed to sleep with a man I don't love? It would be like a one night stand, except were married!"

Harry blushed slightly, and shrugged. He didn't know what to say, what could he say? Hermione was right, they were all so wrapped up in their own life and planning their own wedding, which would involve people they loved, that they had forgotten what it would be like if you were not with your ideal person. He opened and closed his mouth several times, before finally saying, "Mione..." she glared at him through teary eyed, bit allowed him to continue, "I don't know what to say... I'm very sorry this happened, but I can't change it..." he took a deep breath, wrapping his arms around her awkwardly as she cried, "but I do know Charlie is a decent man, who would not do anything to get you hurt. What more can you ask for in these times?"

He was right of course, and Hermione knew this, she smiles weakly.

"Love?" she says jokingly, to which he nods and laughs, seeing that he is joking.

"Be thankful your not Lavender... Ron said she got Malfoy." he told her as they set off back to the burrow.

"Wow... I feel pretty selfish right now..." she whispered.

Harry shook his head.

"You, Hermione Granger, are not selfish. You have a fair point in what you say... It's just none of us can do anything to change what the ministry say." he says. Then he looks around him a little, then says ever so quietly she has to strain to hear it, "The Ministry told me not to mention it to anybody... But I think you need to know, you can appeal you know... They left it out of the letter." he smiled down at her, and Hermione hugged her best friend.

"When did you get so tactful?" she teased as they reached the door again. He grinned sheepishly.

"Maybe your lectures finally made sense." he said, then winked, "plus I found this really helpful blog last summer, that made a lot of sense."

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