Marriage law

Okay so... Normally this is more of the kind of thing you would get on but... I don't have an account and prefer Movellas anyway to be honest, so this is a Marriage law fanfiction... So it is a Hermione and Charlie, because I ship Hermione with lots of people and Charlie has always been one of my favourites.
As you may have guessed, I write a lot when I can't sleep due to insomnia, this is one of those cases. ;)

This is one of my first fanfictions I wrote anyway, so it is already complete, but I just tweak a few things as I upload really. I only just got the confidence to upload this really, so I hope it is good. :) (because this has been hanging around my room for years.)


5. Ginny and Harry get married.

 The days following the conversation with Harry seemed to fly by quickly. Perhaps it was because Hermione flung herself into research once more, this time however she was determined to be more thorough in her approach. Harry had said she was not supposed to know about the chance to appeal... So she came up with an alibi for him so he would not lose his job. She tried to treat it like an essay for a subject in Hogwarts, she had always been able to focus. Having  previously taken time off work for her wedding, which was also approaching fast.

"Are you okay?" Charlie asked her one day, finding her in the library studying as usual, for the appeal.

"Yeah, you?" she asked absently, tucking her pen behind her ear, and looking up at him.

"I'm good... I just came to bring you this." he said, handing her a box.

"It's a letter from my Mum..." Hermione said in disbelief. She had sent her Mum an invitation last week, and had not heard anything back... It had been a slight worry really, but she had the appeal to worry about and up till pe had all but forgotten the lack of reply.

Dear Hermione, We were delighted to receive your letter, and offer you our congratulations upon getting married.  I must also apologise that we are unable to attends, your father and I required to work that day, let us know if there is any thing  we can vet for you and your husband though. Love, Mum and Dad.

"You alright?" Charlie asked sounding alarmed, as he watched the letter shake in her hands.  She nodded quickly, brushing at her eyes quickly.

"I'm fine..." she mumbled, forcing herself to smile. "Really, my parents can't make it is all." she explained, giving a half truth.

"My Mum mentioned what happened there..." Charlie said awkwardly, watching her carefully. "I want you to know... What you did was brave, and don't let anybody tell you it was selfish." He said, still watching her.

"Thank you..." She said, and then she did something he was not expecting... She hugged him. He stepped back slightly, unsure how to react, before nervously enfolding his own arms around her gently. It was not like he had never been physically been close to a girl... He had his fair share of  girlfriends and women... But he could never know where he stood with Hermione. Sometimes she seemed to hate the very idea of marrying him, and dug her heels in on minor details such as the date and food... Other times she complimented him on music, date choice and seemed to enjoy his company. And now she was hugging him. Her wild mane of hair fanning out on his chest causing several more static pieces to tickle his chin.

"Are you crying?" he asked suddenly, alarmed as he felt her shaking.

"No, I'm laughing actually..." she snorted into his shirt, before looking up at him, face flushed red with laughter.

"Why?" he asked confused, was his hug so comical?

"Because we are getting married in less than a month... And I'm overtired." she giggled.

"Right..." he said, not getting it at all, women seemed to be very strange people, she was tearing up a minute a go. "Well, the library is going to close soon... Want a lift back?" he asked, pointing in the direction of the fireplace. Still laughing, she disentangles herself and grabs her things nodding.

"Sure."  She steps into the fireplace with him, clutching her bags, and he holds her waist so they won't separate mid journey.  "Thank you again Charlie." She says smiling as they arrive at the burrow, and break apart.  Thoughts flash through her mind, darting through at top speed and each conflicting and giving a thousand different reasons why not to do what she was about to.

"Your welcome." he said, famous Weasley grin in place as he shook his hair out of his face lightly.  She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek quickly, turning away at once after to hide her scarlet cheeks. Charlie watched her go, even more confused now, than he had been before.


The day soon dawned when it was Harry and Ginny's wedding. The weather outside seemed perfect, with it's cloudless blue sky and sun beaming down on the magical marquee that had been set up as it had for Bill and Fleur's wedding. the only difference was the decoration, which Mrs Weasley had consulted Harry and Ginny about before, and then used her wand to put them up with.  The plain White Walls were replaced with a bright red, where it clashed with all the hair of the Weasley's and made them appear almost hairless on photographs. The flowers were red roses, in vases on the end of the rows people sat in, and arranged in a beautiful bouquet for Ginny to carry.  Hermione stuffed her feet into the cream coloured shoes of the bridesmaids, that Ginny had chosen the day she got her dress, and then attempted to walk quickly to the room where the bride was getting ready, to help her. It was hard in the shoes and long dress though, especially with the numerous people she kept bumping into on the stairs. The bridesmaids had gotten ready in the study (as Percy liked to call the magically enlarged room he wrote his reports in when his Dad was not using it.) which was on the ground floor, and Ginny's room was on the top floor, which mean quite a lot of running (well, trying to) upstairs whilst dodging unwitting relatives eating pieces of toast with ties hanging loose and half done up shirt buttons.  Finally reaching the door, Hermione knocked timidly, and waited for Ginny to answer.

"Who is it?" Ginny called from inside.

"It's me, Hermione."

"Oh, are you on your own?" was the suspicious reply, rolling her eyes she answered that she was indeed, and could she please come in now!? In impatient tones.  "Sure... Hold on, I need to undo the charm." a muffled spell was murmured, and followed by a series of loud metallic clicks and purple light.

"Don't you think that's taking tradition a bit far?" Hermione said, rolling her eyes as she stepped into the enlarged room that was Ginny's and blinking as her eyes adjusted tithe darkened room.

"Sorry, lumos!" whispered Ginny. "I had the light set so even if they got through my charm, try couldn't see my dress."  Talk about a paranoid bride. Perhaps it was a mistake of hers in telling Ginny about some muggle wedding traditions. She had told Ginny about them the other week as they discussed her plans in their room one night with a mug of hot chocolate each. Above other things, one of these was about the tradition of not letting the groom see the dress before the wedding. Funny had listened enraptures and hanging on every word as Hermione revealed "Muggle mysteries" on wedding. She had drawn the line only when Ginny asked if wedding nights were the same... Replying: "Of course! It is not a different species!" as she blushed and effectively changed the conversation. It appeared as though the not seeing the dress had taken deep root in the heart of Ginny to say the least. The spells and light alteration were proof.

"You look beautiful Mione!" Ginny said when the light revealed her, standing there with a glare in place at the name. "At least you did, until you started glaring like that! If looks could kill..."  Hermione's glare stopped once she caught a full sight of Ginny... Her hair was the same as normal, straight down her back, having not yet been done, but it seemed to glimmer more and The red looked even more beautiful in stark contrast with the White dress and pearl straps that sat on her equally pale skin.

"Do I look alright?" Ginny asked, twirling round in front of a large mirror, with her eyes fixed on Hermione a while later. Nodding, Hermione stepped back, having finished her Ginny's hair for her. (twisting it and pulling it into an elegant clip. Simple but an effective look.)  There came a tap at the door, and Ginny hastily undid the spells locking the door after the confirmation it was only her Mum. Mrs Weasley stepped inside, the veil Ginny would be wearing in her hands, as was apparently a Weasley tradition, and her eyes welled up at once, causing her to pull a scrap of lace put of her pocket (which appeared to be similar to the ones she and Madame Delcour had sported at Bill's wedding.) and dabbing at them.

"My little Ginny... Getting married..." She beamed, having waved her wand so it attached itself and wove itself under the knot in Ginny's hair.

"I will go and check on Harry." Hermione muttered, deciding to give them some privacy as Ginny hugged her Mum, and started blinking too.  They said nothing, so she simply undid the spells herself, and then set off for Ron's room, where Harry was getting ready.

"It's me, I'm coming in... You better be decent!" she warned, opening the door. Harry was looking put the window, and Ron was nowhere in sight, having been forced outside already to show guests to their seats. Harry turned around when he heard her approach him, his face pale.

"Oh... Hey Mione." he said, an for once, she said nothing about the name, instead smiling as she saw his hands fumbling on his tie.

"Come here." she said, pushing his hands gently out of the way, and doing it for him, her ands being more steady.

"I don't think I can do this..." He whispered hoarsely. Hermione simply continued smiling up at him.

"You can Harry, it's just nerves." she assures him.

"But what if were not ready? You said it yourself Mione... Were all too young."

"And since when have you taken any notice of what I say?" she said lightly, finishing his tie and straightening his collar down. He grinned sheepishly, acknowledging her point. "You're going to be fine Harry. You and Ginny... Won't have a problem with this."  Ron appeared in the room suddenly, having apparated directly inside.

"They're ready mate." he says quietly, and Harry nods, putting on his glasses.

"Go on, you're gonna be fine." Hermione says one last time, reaching up to kiss his cheek, and doing the same to Ron on her way out of the room.  Heading to the front of the house, Hermione helps Ginny with the veil of her dress, tossing it over her face ad hugging her friend one last time.

"Is he alright?" Ginny asks, Hermione nods, deciding to not mention the nerves, and stands in front of Ginny, who takes her Dads hand and prepares to go.  As the music from outside starts up, a rendition of one of the wedding marches preferred by Ginny, they all take a deep breath and set off. Hermione and Luna in front, Ginny and Arthur behind followed by Some of the you get relatives of the family all in matching little dresses and a bunch of roses, apart from the boys who wear smart suits with a Rose I. Their button hole. Teddy Lupin stands up at the front with Harry and Ron, as a younger best man.  On her way down the aisle, Hermione noticed Harry's uncle Vernon and aunt Petunia sat next to a large boy who had to be Dudley, watching the procession nervously, or in the case of Dudley, who watched her walk down the aisle carefully, and continued to watch as she took her space behind Ginny at the front as she took Harry's hands. Rolling her eyes internally, and also feeling slightly flattered, Hermione tired her attention to the man who seemed to direct all official business like funerals and weddings in the wizarding world.

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