Marriage law

Okay so... Normally this is more of the kind of thing you would get on but... I don't have an account and prefer Movellas anyway to be honest, so this is a Marriage law fanfiction... So it is a Hermione and Charlie, because I ship Hermione with lots of people and Charlie has always been one of my favourites.
As you may have guessed, I write a lot when I can't sleep due to insomnia, this is one of those cases. ;)

This is one of my first fanfictions I wrote anyway, so it is already complete, but I just tweak a few things as I upload really. I only just got the confidence to upload this really, so I hope it is good. :) (because this has been hanging around my room for years.)


3. A bright yellow dress.

"You look wonderful Ginny!" Said Mrs Weasley as Ginny reappeared from behind the curtains where she had been trying on a new dress. 

"You don't think it's a little too... Puffy?" Ginny said, experimentally tugging at the puffed out sleeves. 

"Not at all!" Said Molly, eyes still watering as she clambered over the bags containing shoes and jewellery to get to her daughter, and tugging at the neck to make it go a bit higher, "You look just like my little princess you used to!"  

"Hermione, what do you think?" Ginny asked, peering over at her best friend who was currently slumped in her chair and drawing something on a notepad they had brought to cross off the things they had bought from the shopping list. She glanced at Ginny quickly, then returned to the pad, nodding as she did so. 

"Looks lovely Gin." She said faintly, adding in a line to her doodle. 

"You say that about all of them." Ginny muttered, tilting sideways in front of the mirror, trying to decide if she liked the puffy sleeves, or not. 

"I heard that!" Hermione teased, looking up again and smiling. "And I'm sorry, I just was never really good at the whole dresses thing." She admitted, standing up.

"What do you think?" came the shy and dreamy voice of Luna, who emerged suddenly from the curtain to Ginny's right, in robes of bright sunny yellow. Luna had been the hardest of all to provide a dress for, as she was adamant it had to be a yellow dress, so that the sun colours would bring good luck.

"Erm...It certainly fits your criteria..." Hermione said awkwardly, smiling at the blonde haired girl and walking over to her.

"Daddy always said you have to wear sun colours at a wedding, and I quite like the idea..." She paused for a moment as though thoughtful, then said in the same dreamy tone of voice, "Plus it brings fertility with it. The old witches in the castles used to wear them when they had difficulty conceiving, and it worked. I suppose you have to try anything, I also hear they add to your attractiveness that's why the Chortling Whizles are yellow in spring, so they can attract a mate."

Molly suddenly became very interested in adjusting the lace on Ginny's collar and did not comment on Luna's bizarre viewpoint.

"It looks lovely on you Luna." Hermione said, shocking herself as she realised she meant it. The unique feature of Luna just oozed through it and made the dress seem as though it was made for her. 

"Thank you Hermione, I think I shall buy it you know, I'm sure Ron will love it." Luna said excitedly.

"Speaking of Ron, how is he being? Is he excited about the wedding?" Hermione asked. 

"We don't speak of t much, he would really rather marry you don't you know, but he can't see how happy you and Charlie will be." Luna said, smiling as serene as ever.

"Yes... Well..." Hermione stuttered, unsure of how to act or what to say, until she was saved by Ginny who announced she had seen the perfect dress and ran over to the shelf to get it.

Thankful for the distraction from the open and honest eyes of Luna, Hermione turned to Ginny and her mouth dropped open at the dress. 

It was a flowing silk with an ever so slight laced pattern embroidered on it and a string of pearls for the beaded straps which criss crossed over on the back which dipped open about halfway down. 

"I'm going to try it on." She announced, before she left she turned to Hermione, "You pick one now, when I come out, I want to see you in a dress." She warned, before beaming again and closing the curtain.

Feeling it would be better for her own safety more than anything, Hermione grabbed one off the rack at random and headed into the curtain to Ginny's left, while Luna went to pay for her dress.

Inside the changing room,  Hermione glanced at herself in the mirror, the dress she had picked was actually quite lovely. It was designed for a tall willowy figure and it accentuated her figure nicely whilst maintaining modesty. A loose, yet taut silk with long sleeves and no pattern whatsoever. The neck sat wonderfully on her shoulders and kept her covered yet was not too high.

"Come on out Hermione dear, let's have a look!" came the voice of Mrs Weasley from just outside. 

"Just a moment! Hermione called back, looking herself up and down again. Would Charlie like it? Surely that was supposed to be considered when buying your wedding dress? Would it make his heart flutter, or would he just disregard it and get the ceremony over with? It was not so much that she really cared what he felt of her physically...But that didn't mean she wanted to be thought of as ugly. Taking a deep breath, she stepped outside the room into the shop again.

"Oh Hermione... That's perfect  dear!" Molly said upon seeing her. Hermione realised she must of been in their longer than she believed when she saw Ginny with her dress in a bag beside her. Luna smiled too, though she did mention how the yellow would suit her too. 

"Will your parents be able to attend Hermione dear?" Asked Molly as they sat down in the leaky cauldron later and waited for Tom to bring them their bowl of soup each. 

Hermione shrugged, buttering her piece of a bread roll absently and then eating it. Things had been a bit rocky between her and her parents when she had found them and modified their memories. They understood why she had to do it, but the strain on their relationship with their only daughter was that they felt they couldn't trust her now... Hermione understood of course, she would probably act the same. For the first time in her life, she had used her magic against her parents. Sure it was to save them, but she had forcibly made them leave her, and they found it hard to get past that.

"They'll come around dear." Molly said quietly, as though reading Hermione's thoughts. Hermione merely nodded, trying (perhaps failing) to smile.

"Ron, what are you doing here?" piped up Luna suddenly, smiling over in the directio of a certain redhead who had just walked in. He froze at once, as did Harry and Charlie, all three of them looking guilty. Fred and George appeared next, peering around the entrance as though trying to spot the hold up. 

"Ah." Said Fred.

"Oh." Said George.

"Kind of puts a damper on that lads." continued Fred.

"Yeah, you three should probably skidaddle." Finished George, shoving something in the hands of Harry and Ron, before leaving.

"What are they on about?" Asked Ginny confused, as she followed the twins retreating backs with her eyes.

"It's Fred and George, who knows!" Said Harry, walking forwards and giving her a peck on the cheek. Molly glared at her two sons, as though saying Harry had set the standard for them. They blushed and looked away quickly. 

"Ron, look at my new dress!" Luna said excitedly, pulling it out of the bag. "It's the one I told you about the other night, it brings good luck, attractiveness and fertility remember?" Ron looked as though he remembered only too well as he blushed and tried to smile and nod at the same time, Ginny stuffed her fist in her mouth to keep from laughing.

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