Part 2: Same Mistakes

So basically, Me and Harry are together in this story and he's been away on tour for awhile. Jake is my character's ex that tried to kidnap her but was unsuccessful twice. And uh.. yeah enjoy (:


4. The Game

 Lauren's View.

I felt bad because Harry was always working pretty hard to do something for me. I feel like I don't do anything for him, so i decided to do something special for him. But i would have to get him destracted long enough so that i could do it. After a few hours went by, He started to make lunch. I took this as my chance to make something for him. I logged into my laptop and started making a colloge of pictures of me and Harry together, with some by ourselves. In the middle, i wrote in a cursive font ' I love you.' Then I smelled the food. It smelled delicious, so i followed the smell downstairs. He made quesadillas and Tacos and some guacamole. It was amazing. "Thanks Haz" I said. He nodded his pretty little head. After lunch, everyone went to the living room and said we were going to play a game. "Oh i love games!!" Louis said cheerfully. Niall explained that there would be a blindfolded person, and then someone who isnt blindfolded. The blindfolded person has to feel the one who isn't blindfolded in front of them. It seemed easy enough. Jaycie was first to be blindfolded. Liam stood in front of her after she had the blindfold on so that she couldn't see. She went for the hair first. Since Liam is the only one with a buzzcut, I'm pretty sure she knew it was him. But she moved her hands over to his jeans and felt for his weiner. When she found it she exlaimed "Oh, it's Liam all right!!" I just laughed at her. Next, it was my turn. They wrapped the blindfold around my eyes and all i could see was pitch black. It took me awhile to find the person, because I'm not the smartest person. I finally found them and then I did what Jaycie did. I felt the hair. I knew it couldn't be Liam, the guy had a quiff. It wasnt Jaycie or Harry. I put my hand on their face and then they started laughing. "Niall?" I asked. And then i took my blindfold off. It was Niall.  He was in his boxers and i just kind of ignored it at first because no one else seemed to care. But then i realized that i saw a little Nialler.. he was hard?? But why?

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