Part 2: Same Mistakes

So basically, Me and Harry are together in this story and he's been away on tour for awhile. Jake is my character's ex that tried to kidnap her but was unsuccessful twice. And uh.. yeah enjoy (:


9. The crush

Niall's View.

I felt hopeless- l really like Lauren, but l knew her and Harry were not going to break up soon. They seemed really happy. And l ruined it for us when l raped her. But l have to tell her that Zayn pressured me into it. I didn't want to be the first to take it away like that, well I kinda did, but I felt bad because Zayn pressured me into it and l wasn't thinking. What if she didn't believe that Zayn pressured me into it. I could probably tell her I was drunk too if she didn't believe me. I mean, I'm Irish so she would probably believe it. I know that Harry really likes her, and I don't want to mess things up, but I really like her too. I would be lovin' her like Harry does, and I would even share my food with her. But she doesn't know how i feel. She probably never will either. Then I saw Harry leave to go somewhere in her car, But she wasn't with him. 'That's odd'  I thought. I looked around for Lauren, and then I saw her outside with Louis. Harry finally let him go near her again? Wait, Harry isn't here, so maybe he decided he could talk to her without Harry knowing. I don't even know anymore, I'm always so out of the loop.

Lou's View.

I saw Lauren outside chilling by the pool, so i started talking to her. "Hey, sorry I raped you."    Well, could I have started the conversation off any worse? 'Stupid,stupid, stupid' I thought to myself. "I guess it's fine now.. But why did you do it?" She asked me. She looked at me expecting an answer but i really didn't know what to say. "Uh, I don't even really know." She shook her head and said "Naughty, Naughty boy. You had to have a reason, you don't just say 'Oh I think I'm going to rape the person im pretty much related to!'" I might as well tell her, she would find out soon or later. I thought about how I should put it into words for a moment. Then I said "Well, to be honest, I know that we're like brother and sister and all, but I've always thought you were really cute."

Lauren's View.

Louis Tomlinson... thinks I'M cute?? I couldn't imagine him liking me. I was just so close to him.  "What about El, does she know?

"Kinda- she doesn't know i raped you, she just knows i think you're cute."

"Louis! You need to tell her! Hiding stuff like that can ruin everything!"

"Yeah I know. But it's hard to tell her. I know she'd break up with me if she knew."

"You make me feel like this is my fault, you little terd!"

"Sorry, it's just not good for anyone for me to like you because in the end it's just going to hurt everyone. But it's hard for me because somehow I still like you."

"You're making me feel bad, like I owe you something."

"Well... you could-I mean you owe me a kiss.."

"LOUIS! After you just said it would hurt everyone.. And what about Harry? What if he found out? Don't you think that would hurt me and Harry's relationship?"

"Don't worry about Harry, he doesn't have to know!"

"Lou! Come on- You're being weird! Stop it!"

"Come on, just one! It could be quick! Nobody has to know about it. Just between us."

"I'm not going to cheat on Harry!!" I yelled at him. I walked away. I can't kiss Louis and then just go back to Harry. That's just messed up! I went to my room and locked the door. I wouldn't allow myself to cheat on sweet little Harry! Especially on his best friend.

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