Part 2: Same Mistakes

So basically, Me and Harry are together in this story and he's been away on tour for awhile. Jake is my character's ex that tried to kidnap her but was unsuccessful twice. And uh.. yeah enjoy (:


1. Missing him

Lauren's View.

Only one month left! I was litterally counting down the days until Harry gets back from tour. We only have about 19 days left. Every night, i put the stand up he bought me in my bed and pretend it's him, but i know its not. Soon the real thing will be replacing the cardboard stand up. I missed him. I've been waiting for too long.

Harry's View.

Touring has been pretty fun, but i miss her. It feels alot more than just missing her- i need her. Life just isn't the same without her. I hate going on tour. I mean I love what i do, i just hate doing it away from her.

Jake's View.

I had given up on trying to take her from Harry. For now anyways. I'm just scared that she would call the cops on me. So i've decided to wait untill her and Harry break up. I know their relationship wont last long because celebrity relationships never do. After they break up, i just know shes going to come running back to me.

Niall's View.

I missed Lauren. I still have a crush on her, but I think that when Zayn gave her a beer and got her drunk and pressured me into doing her, it ruined things beetween us. Harry is probably still mad at me and I'm almost positive he wont let me go near her. The only one who would be allowed to be near her is Liam, Louis and Zayn decided to get some too. Harry only caught Louis, but he told Harry what we did.  I guess he didnt want to be the only one to get in trouble.

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