Part 2: Same Mistakes

So basically, Me and Harry are together in this story and he's been away on tour for awhile. Jake is my character's ex that tried to kidnap her but was unsuccessful twice. And uh.. yeah enjoy (:


15. Gotta be you

Harry's View.

I was extreamly jealous of Niall, and how i had been freaking out nearly all day because i didn't know where she was when all along she was with Niall. But what were they doing all day? They were litterally gone for 12 hours. Has Lauren moved on? Only one way to be sure.       "Hey Lauren, we- uh.. so basically, we need to talk."

"Alright. What about?" Niall walked to the kitchen and made himself a sandwhich while we talked.

"Well, i still love you. I don't want you to be mad at me, and i know what i did is wrong. Will you take me back babe?"

Lauren's View.

Harry was looking at me with those puppy dog eyes, and i really couldn't decide if i wanted to stay with him. I really like Niall, but Harry was making me feel bad. I decided to take him back. I saw Niall in the kitchen, and he looked upset. I hope i didn't break his sweet little heart. Harry grabbed my hand and took me to my bedroom, but i really just wanted to be with Niall. I got dressed in my pj's and got under the sheets with Harry. An hour flew by and i couldn't sleep. I got up and went to the kitchen to get a sandwhich. Then Niall came in and said "Why aren't ya sleepin'?"

"I can't sleep. Something doesn't feel right."

"Oh... " he said while looking at me like he was deep in thought. Then all of the sudden he leaned over and took a bite of my sandwhich. "NIALL!! I was eating that!!" I said

"Well it looked good!" Niall said looking at the ground. I stuck my tounge out at him and he stuck his back at me. We both started to laugh, but then we remembered everyone was sleeping. Then i realized i was getting tierd. I layed out on the couch and went to sleep. I didn't want to wake Harry by going back in my room and getting into bed again.

Niall's View.

Lauren was sleepin' on the couch, and i felt like sleeping next to her. The couch was big enough for the both of us so i layed down next to her and hugged her close to me. It was really cold, so i had to. The next morning, i woke up to see Harry staring down at me. I still had my arms around Lauren. Then Lauren woke up. 

"Good Mornin' Lauren, Good Mornin' Harry!" I said cheerfully. Harry didn't look very happy.

"Uh.. Good Morning. Niall, do you want to explain what's going on here?"

"I couldn't sleep so i got up and got something to eat and then i got tierd, but didn't want to wake you up, so i just slept here. I guess Niall layed down after i was asleep. " Lauren answered. Harry shot his dagger eyes at me and he really didn't look happy. Then Louis shouted "Time to eat Lovlies!!" Good thing he was here to inturupt things.


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