Part 2: Same Mistakes

So basically, Me and Harry are together in this story and he's been away on tour for awhile. Jake is my character's ex that tried to kidnap her but was unsuccessful twice. And uh.. yeah enjoy (:


3. Finally home

Lauren's View.

We drove to my house and Harry led me to my bedroom and shut the door behind him. It was pretty late, about 11:30 pm. I was actually tierd. Harry put his hands on my waist and removed my dress. i kicked off my sandals and then helped him get his shirt off. He hopped around the room trying to get his skin tight black jeans off. All i could do was laugh. He had me try to help him, and we finally got them off of him. I'm not really sure how he can even get into them. He was just wearing his underwear and i was in a Lacy black bra with matching panties. Then he pushed me down on the bed and we just sat there like idiots hugging eachother. "It feels so good to be in your arms again." Harry said slowly. His smile was just making me die. I started to tear up and he said "Aw, why the frowny face?"

"It's just that - you're so cute! I've missed you." I said while poking him in one of his dimples. We were both laughing. I've missed this so much, it felt like everything was perfect, my world was complete. Then his voice crept into my thoughts. "So did you ever do anything with the Stand up i bought you?" When he left to go on tour, he bought me a stand up of himself so i wouldn't feel that bad not having him around. "Well yeah, i pretended it was you and layed it next to me when i slept. But it just wasn't the same. I'm in love with you, not cardboard you."  He smiled and said

" I love you too babe."  Then we closed our eyes and went to sleep.

Harry's View.

We both slept really good. I saw her eyes flutter open a few minutes after me. I kissed her and said "Good Morning babe!" and she smiled. I hoped that i wouldn't ever have to leave for that long again. It was an awful time trying to live without her being by my side all the time. I mean i did like to Skype, but it just wasn't the same. Liam had also skyped with his girlfriend when we were on tour. You could always tell when he skyped her, he would say "Oh Jaycie this, Jaycie that." As long as the lad was happy. He had actually told me that he was naughty with her. That suprized me. "YOU WERE NAUGHTY?!" we teased him loads the whole tour. I mean, as innocent as he claims he is, you would expect him not to do that. I feel kinda bad that Niall, Louis and Zayn got Lauren before i did. I feel like Zayn only did it because everyone else was. Then i remembered that i wanted to find out if Lauren would voluntarily do Lou. So i asked her. "Uh- no. That's like incest!" Her and Louis were really close they might as well be brother and sister. Whenever they went somewhere together, they always told people that they were related. Then Lauren's voice inturrupted what i was thinking about. "Harry im kinda thirsty." She said. I laughed, then i said "That's what she said!!" I had to. She saw the smirk i had on my face, but she said "Harry!! not like that!" I knew what she ment but i liked to joke around with her. I went down the stairs and got her a drink from the fridge. I figured she was hungry too, so i made her a sandwich. Right in the middle of when i was making her a sandwhich, i heard a thud that sounded like it came from Lauren's room. I stopped what i was doing and ran up the stairs as fast as i could. I entered her room to see Zayn laying on top of Lauren. First, i hear he was making her suck his willy, then i see him on top of her. "ZAYN WHAT THE HECK!?" I yelled. "Harry.. uh.. it's not what it looks like!!" Zayn tried to say. I don't know if i can believe him.

"Alright, then what is it you're doing??" I asked being a bit sassy.

"I just tripped over your brush. That's it i swear!" He pleaded. He sounded kind of innocent. I did have loads of brushes on the floor, for who knows why. Then i looked over at Lauren. "He tripped! I wouldn't let him do anything, i swear!" I somewhat believed her, but i had to be sure. "Swear on what??" I asked.                                                                                                                  "Swear on Food!" Lauren replied looking dead serious. I knew she wasn't kidding, She never swears on food unless she's serious about something. Then I looked at Zayn and said        "Stand up, don't just lay on her!" and then he got up. I feel like if i was ever gone, there might be a risk of her getting lonely and going to one of the other boys to fix that. I was going to test her.  "Say i was gone for 9 months, and the rest of the boys were still here and you got lonely. Would you end up doing one of them?" I asked while looking intensly into her eyes, watching her expression. "Uh no- I'm sure that you're the best anyways." She winked after saying this, and i couldn't help but laugh. She passed my test. Then i took her hand and led her out to the swings in her backyard. I told her I'd be right back. I went inside and got on green swim trunks and finished making the sandwhich. i put it and her water on a tray and walked outside. She kissed me on the cheek and said "Oh Harry, you're just perfect." I grinned knowing it was because i made her a sandwhich and all. She finished eating it and then told me she would be back. A few minutes later, she came out with a bright orange bikini with white stripes and her hair in a messy bun. I picked her up and carried her to the pool with me. She started to freak out when i took her to the deep end. "Harry- I uh.. I can't swim!!" She said panicked.                                      "Oh.. Just hold on to my shoulders. I gotcha." She sucked in a big breath of air and tried to calm herself. "Harry.. I just can't do this, can we go to the shallow end? It's not that i don't trust you, it's just.. I'm scared."  I put her on my back and swam over to the shallow end.





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