The Choice

You're in love with Zayn Malik. You have a wonderful life until you look into Liam's brown eyes. You love both of them. But who will you choose?


2. 2:~The Kiss

You blushed a dark shade of red, as his lips were pressed against yours.He slightly smiles as you put your arms around his neck. You hear "ewwww" from behind you as you see the rest of the crew. "The door was opened so I thought we could come in, but I guess it's now a love fest in the kitchen." Louis says with his sass.You broke the kiss with him. You glared angrily at Louis's remark. "Ugh. Sometimes you just annoy me." You said in an angry tone, putting your hand on your forehead being frustrated over Louis."Hey Lou is only like a little kid!" Liam says 
"Exactly little kids are annoying. That's why I love you Lou. You just can get on my nerves sometimes." 

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