My Next Door Neighbor

Bella is a normal 19 year old girl, with brothers that drive her mad. She goes to university, but lives with her brothers and grandma, because her parents had died. At school there is a new kid that recently moved here, she's not to fond of him, but he has fallen for her with just one look. But when she gets home that same day, she realizes that her new neighbors are the Styles, and she has to live next door to Harry the one that has fallen for her. Will she fall for him, and dump her boyfriend? Or will she just ignore him?
( In this fanfic he is not famous)


6. I Will Be Your Safety

Harry's POV

Bella suddenly dropped her phone after she received a text. I looked at her with confusion, but when she looked up I saw tears in her eyes. I literally felt my heart burst. I hate seeing her cry. I hate seeing her hurt, or broken. NO ONE should ever make her feel that way, let alone someone else make other people feel that way. Its just wrong.

She jumped into my arms, and I wrapped my arms protectively around her small frame. She was shaking so hard. It was freezing outside, but she insisted we do homework outside because this was her favorite time of the year. She is just so headstrong. But it is one of the many things I love about her.

I then got up and brought her inside. I went up to her room and wrapped blankets around us to warm her up. We sat like that for awhile, I just let her cry into my chest. There wasn't much else to do, and I wasn't going to leave her to find someone that can do better. Right now I decided that I would help her through all of this. Whatever she got on her phone, and that scared her so much, I would help her through.

Her sobs died down, and she lifted her head. " I'm sorry Harry. I made such a mess of your shirt." She sniffled. She was just sobbing, and she is apologizing... What?

" Shh, Bells, no. Don't apologize. You did nothing wrong." I cooed. I then began to rock us back and forth. I didn't want to push her, but I needed to know who or what caused this. What caused her to be like this? I haven't ever seen her like this. She didn't even cry much when she was beaten, by her son of a bitch ex-boyfriend.


" Bella, honey, what happened?" I asked in the most gentile voice possible. She sat up and faced me. I grabbed her hand before she could explain.

" That was a text from my ex-boyfriend." She stuttered out. Wait was it Mark?! I swear if it was, I'll kill him.

" Mark?" I asked. Trying my best to keep my cool.

" No, it was Tr-travis. The one who was in jail for..for.. raping and abusing me." She stuttered again. My heart dropped. She must be scared out of her mind! I WILL, under any means necessary keep her safe and away from the person that caused her that much harm.

" What did he say to you?" I asked. Again struggling to keep my cool.


" He said that he was out of jail. And he was asking where we should meet." She said. No. Not happening. He's not going anywhere near her!

I then enveloped Bella in my arms, and kissed the top of her head.

" Bella I wont let him anywhere near you. He wont be able to touch you. I will be your safety." I whispered into her ear.


~Author's Note~

Update!!! YAYYYYYY!!! So what did you think?! I know its crappy and short. But it is just a filler chapter. There's more to come! 

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