My Next Door Neighbor

Bella is a normal 19 year old girl, with brothers that drive her mad. She goes to university, but lives with her brothers and grandma, because her parents had died. At school there is a new kid that recently moved here, she's not to fond of him, but he has fallen for her with just one look. But when she gets home that same day, she realizes that her new neighbors are the Styles, and she has to live next door to Harry the one that has fallen for her. Will she fall for him, and dump her boyfriend? Or will she just ignore him?
( In this fanfic he is not famous)


2. Dinner At His House

Bella's POV

I walked up to Harry, more like stomped up, and confronted him. Why was he here? God, he drives me mad!

" What the hell are you doing here, Styles?!" I half asked, half yelled. " I live here. The question is, what are you doing here? Couldn't resist me?" He countered cheekily. Also while showing his dimples. No matter how much I hate him, he still is quite cute. NO. Bella, focus.

" You wish, Styles. I live next door." I stated. Oh crap. I just realized he's my neighbor. I then looked at his eyes, he looked hurt. Maybe I was too harsh. No, he's the one that was hitting on me when I have a boyfriend. I am not at fault.


Harry's POV
Bella confronted me, and she seemed pissed. I, like usual, had a comeback, but after she practically spat in my face, I felt defeated. I just really like her. No, I love her. It's like in all those romance books and movies with the main characters falling in love with each other after one look. I was yes a victim of love at first sight.

Ever since I first laid eyes on her, I had the urge to protect her no matter what. But she had a boyfriend. A boyfriend that I just know will hurt her. Gut feeling I guess.

She the got frustrated by the silence and stomped up her steps. But not before her, who I was guessing her grandma, came out holding a baby. Her face immediately lit up. She was just so beautiful. I want her so bad, just to be able to call her mine. My heart was literally aching.

" Hi Rosie!" she cooed. The baby giggled.

" Bella I need you to babysit your cousin. Your brothers are God knows where, and I have a bunch of errands to run." Her grandma said.

" Okay. But where's Aunt Liz?" she questioned, while her grandma handed her Rosie.

" She was held up at work, but she will be by before dinner, to pick her up." Her grandma stated.

" Oh okay." She said. " Bye Grandma." " Bye dear." And with that Bella was in her house, which is huge. I do love this neighborhood, and with Bella it's a million times better! But I don't like how close the houses are to each other, like my bedroom window is 3 feet away from whoevers it is in Bella's house.

Bella's POV
I walked into the house with Rosie in my arms. She is my little cousin, she's 2 months I think. Aunt Liz had to get back to work though after she had her, though. So grandma watches her.

I went out back with her stroller, and my bag. I sat on the deck doing homework while Rosie, was well doing whatever it is babies do. I was also admiring the fall day. It wasn't too cold, but the sun wasn't out. But, honestly I prefer it that way.

After what seemed like an hour, I was disturbed from my peaceful silence by someone talking to me.

" Hi." I heard some girl say from the deck at Harry's house.

" Umm hi." I said. She was awfully perky.

" I'm Gemma. What's your name?" she asked.

" I'm Bella, Bella Halko. And are you one of the Styles'?" I asked curiously.

" Yes Bella. I'm a Styles'. Oh and you would probably know me better if I said I was Harry's sister." she said.

" Oh your Harry's sister." I said. I didn't mean for it to come out in a disgusted tone, but I guess it did.

" I take it you don't like my brother?" she asked.

" Well, I'm not his biggest fan." I stated.

" Oh okay. Well who is that cutie there? She's not yours is she?" she asked.

" NO! No, she's not mine. She is my little cousin." I said. But we then we both started laughing.

" Hahaha good." She said. We talked for a little while longer, and it turns out she is just a little older than me. We also had a lot in common, which was good.

" I was wondering if you would like to come to dinner tonight?" she asked politely.

" Ummm...." Is all I could say. I didn't really want to deal with Harry.

" You can just come as my guest. Harry will most likely leave you alone then." she said.

" Okay, I'll come. And thanks for inviting me." I said with a smile.

" No problem see you in an hour." she said.

" Great! See you then Gemma!" I said.

Aunt Liz came almost directly after that, to take Rosie. I finished my homework, and that's when my brother Josh came home. He's just a little older then me. But he is still such an asshole.

I also have 4 other brothers besides Josh. There's Jacob, Tim, Tom, and Danny. All equally annoying. But they most of the time leave me alone, because we all have our own rooms. They pretty much lock themselves in theirs.


Before I knew it, the hour was up and I found myself at the Styles' front porch. I knocked and a very pretty woman with dark hair, that looked a lot like Harry and Gemma answered the door.

" Hi! You must be Bella." she said excitedly. " Come on in!"

" Thank you!" I said politely. " Harry has told me about you." she whispered to me. So he has already told his mum about me. Yay! Note the sarcasm.

I sat down at the table with Gemma across from me. That's when Harry walked in. When he saw me he smiled a cheeky grin.

" You really can't stay away from me can you?" He said with a wink.

" Oh please." I said rolling my eyes. He decided to take the seat next to me. I couldn't say anything about it because that's when his mum walked in.

" Harry she is here as my guest. Not so you can hit on her." Gemma said. Harry blushed while I chuckled.

" Thanks Gemma. You put him in his place." I said gratefully. " Well someone has to." She said. I was still trying to control my urge not to have a fit of laughter. Harry was starting to smile at my little spaz attack. I was okay with it, because I probably did look like a complete idiot.

" So Bella what do you major in?" asked Anne, which is what she told me to call her.

" Oh. I major in movie editorial. And I minor in music." I said.

" Really so you like super8 films and such." asked Gemma.

" Yea. What I would like to do is open a shop where people can bring home movies, and I can edit them. Or anything they want edited really." I said a little shyly. I am not used to talking about myself a lot.

" That's really cool, Bella. And you said you minored in music. Do you play any instruments?" asked Harry curiously. For once I saw him as more of a friend, not someone who wants to date me. I like this side of him.

" Yes I do. I play the guitar and piano. I also write songs for my band." I said.

" Cool! Your in a band?!" he asked with excitement. He sounded like a little kid. Its actually kind of cute.

" Haha yea. And I like how you said like a little kid!" I said playing around with him. He smile uncontrollably after I said that.

Dinner and dessert was delicious! And I told Anne so. Me and Harry actually got along. I have to admit he's super nice, but is also cheeky. But then again so am I.

" Harry why don't you walk Bella to her door." Anne said.

" I was planning to anyway." He said. I rolled my eyes. But he is still a gentleman. Marc never walked me to my car when I was at his house.

We were outside and I decided to make a truce with him.

" Harry, I get that you like me, but can we be friends?" I asked. What he did took me by surprise. He crashed his lips onto mine, and his hands found his way to my waist. I don't know what came over me, but I kissed back. With my hands finding their way to the curls at the nape of his neck.

We stood there kissing for what seemed like centuries. We both pulled away, and he rested his forehead on mine.

" No, Bella. I love you." He said in a low voice. I found myself speechless. I don't know, what I felt but I definantly felt something. I know what I did was wrong but in a way it felt right. I mean, when I kiss Marc... No just no.. There was no comparison to the kiss I had just shared with Harry.

" I-I .... Umm bye Harry." I stuttered. I found my way up to my room. And went to go sit by my window seat. I looked out the window to see someone like 3 feet away from me. Ughh I hate how close the houses are. Whooaaa wait it was Harry!

He was there with his shirt off. I quickly backed away to my bed. Oh God. He looked amazing without a shirt. Tattoos lined his torso and arms. He also had abs. He was hot. Not just cute but hot. What am I saying?? I have a boyfriend. But I don't know I think I was falling for Harry. No. I can't be! I just met him today! But I did get to know him at dinner, and he said he loved me. I think I might feel the same way.

Harry's POV

That kiss. Oh. My. God. That kiss was amazing. I couldn't take it anymore, I just had to kiss her, and she kissed me back. I told her I loved her. That was the best move I ever made. It just felt so right. I was also happy that we got on so well at dinner. She really was amazing!

I was just getting off my shirt when I looked out my window to see a light on in the room across from me. It was an emerald green. But what caught my eye was the poster of The Temptations and The Beatles. This person has a great taste in music. I also noticed a picture, but I had to squint my eyes. God, I felt like a stalker but I had to know who it was.

On the picture it was Louis and Liam? Also Bella.... Bella. It was her room! She was across from me!

I reached out of my window and tapped the glass on her window. Yes our houses are that close. She opened the window, and she was wearing a tank top and black pants with a logo on it, I didn't know what for.

" Hi Harry." she said surprisingly nicely.

" Hey neighbor!" I said. She rolled her eyes.

" You know if you roll your eyes too much they'll pop out of you head." I said teasingly.

" I'll take my chances." She said playing along. I chuckled. She did have a sense of humor.

" What's the logo on your pants?" I asked curiously. " Oh well there's a story behind it. but I'll keep it short. My mum was American, so during the summer we would visit the states. We still do. But anyway, the logo is for the Chicago White Sox, a baseball team. I'm a fan of them, so is the rest of my family." She said.

" Ohh cool! I never got into baseball, but I love football." I said. " Haha so do I! Sorry but I got to go! See you tomorrow Harry!" she said.

" Great! And Goodnight Bells!" I said.

I'm happy we are on good terms. And that we are friends. But I want to me more then friends.

But how?

~Author's Note~

Hey guys! Long Chapter yayyy! Hope you guys enjoyed it! Comment please need feedback and motivation! Also like and favorite please!


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