More than little things

Hollie has had a crush on a boy inher year called Liam Payne. every now and then she gets him a gift and puts it in his locker. Liam has no idea who the presents are from and dsent even now Hollie exsists. Wil Liam Find his love?


1. Secrets

Hollie's POV:

I live in a small apartment in London I have 3 friends. not many, i have the biggest crush ever. Liam Payne. He doesnt even know i exsist so i have no chances but i cant get him out of my head.

"BREAKFAST IS READY!!HURRY BEFORE YOU'RE LATE FOR SCHOOL!!" my mum yelled as i ran downstairs, grabbed my bread, slighty kissed her on the cheek, grabbed my keys and left.

Liam's POV:

I walked into school and all the girls come rushing up to me asking for my autograph. I am seriously thinking of going to an all boys' school. I walk up to my locker and let dozens love notes fall out, i scramble through the pile and pull out a little red box i gently lift the lid, and a beautiful charm falls out. All i wanted to know is how spends their money on gifts for me? i look around desperatley looking to see anyone looking at me. only one girl, she had long curly black hair and was staring at me- she didnt even know i was looking, she soon came back to earth, noticed me looking and looked away blushing. i had never seen her before in my life. she was beautiful.

Authors note:

sorry this is my first movella so t isnt going to be that good xxxxxx

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