More than little things

Hollie has had a crush on a boy inher year called Liam Payne. every now and then she gets him a gift and puts it in his locker. Liam has no idea who the presents are from and dsent even now Hollie exsists. Wil Liam Find his love?


3. lunch with a star

Hollie's POV:

Liam was so sweet and funny, i never wanted lunch to end! although i did feel bad for leaving Robyn out, but she sat with Rachel and Georgia (my other friends) anyway.

"can i have your number? we could hang out some time!" Liam said, suddenly appearing at my side, "well yeah sure of course! its 077949136549. call me when you like!" as i hurried off with an enormus smile on my face.

*4 months later*

Hollie's POV:

Robyn came running ver to me as soon as she saw my sad face, "awe hunny< whats the sad face for?"

i told her everything.

"well... Liam has been my crush for ages 4 months ago he asked for my number and i gave it to him, and he gave me his. He hasnt spoken to me since and has been avoiding me in the hallways. have i turned super ugly in 4 months, has my funny personality changed. why dont he like me anymore!!" i said.

Robyn's POV:

i was  walking in the corridrs and went up to Hollie because she looked sad.i asked her what ws up and she told me that Liam has been avoiding her for 4 months! i looked a her once she had finished speaking and saw tears filling her eyes.

"awe georgous dont cry!!" i said wile giving her a sloth hug. "Liams not worth crying about! lets go and get some ice cream, after school, yeah?" trying to cheer her up.

"ooh yes! can i get chocolate swirl again that was lovely last time!" she exclaimned whilst wiping away her tears.

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