More than little things

Hollie has had a crush on a boy inher year called Liam Payne. every now and then she gets him a gift and puts it in his locker. Liam has no idea who the presents are from and dsent even now Hollie exsists. Wil Liam Find his love?


2. Followed

Hollie's POV:

Liam acturally looked at me!! i am being serious!! he knows i exsist now!!

"hey Beautiful! whats up? why are you so happy?" my bestest friend Robyn asked,

" seriously?! you call me beautiful?! im soo ugly." i said "unlike you." i replied looking at her long, straight, brown hair and blue eyes that glisten in the lights. " no you got that so wrong hun, anyway why ARE you so happy?" she said linking my arm and walking down to class 4d "Liam Payne looked at me. he knows i exsist!!" i said almost screaming, "omg this could be the start of a great relationship!!" she replied

and well, she was certainly right.

*3 weeks later*

Liam's POV:

"erm hi, my name is Liam. i saw you in the hallways a couple of weeks ago. i would like to get to knw you..." i said casually when inside, my heart was pounding against my rib cage. "hi im Hollie, im a big fan of you... i mean your band..." she said while blushing with embarrasment. "its okay please dont be shy... would you like to sit with me at lunch, that would be awsome." i asked with a bit more confident. "sure." she said with a cute grin on her face.

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