Precious Moments { A Harry Styles fan fiction }

London sounded like a perfect getaway for aspiring singer-songwriter Maya Mitchell. At the age of 19, she ran away from her home in Liverpool to find a better life doing what she loves - making music, against her parents' better judgement. She's positive that she's escaped her previously busy and demanding life until she meets her coworker, Gemma Styles. When Gemma's famous brother Harry comes into town for a few months, Maya is once again brought back to the paparazzi's attention. Maya struggles to remain out of the spotlight as she gets closer to the boy that she is fighting to avoid, and fights to stay as far away as possible from her past.


1. She's A Little Runaway

  I slammed the door behind me and ran out ino the pouring rain. I could barely see, as it was 3 o'clock in the morning and the only light given off was the dim glow of the lamp posts. Could've picked a better day, Maya. I said to myself. I brushed my dripping hair out of my face as I ran down the driveway. This was it.    


I'd been planning this moment for years. The day I leave this hell hole I call a home. Not that anyone would've cared anyway. Other than my parents' bank account, which had been completely emptied out thanks to me. Yeah, I know. Stealing money from your folks wasn't exactly the way to get their approval. But I was completely broke and needed some sort of cash to get me to London.


    So there I was, with about 20,000 dollars in my pocket, and one trian ticket to London. Ready for a new life.      When I reached the large monitored gate at the end of the driveway I paused for a moment and hesitated.    "You can't turn back now." I whispered to myself. "You're finally escaping. Just go." I inhaled deeply and walked over to the keyhole and stuck my key in. The gate opened and I stepped out.


    An eerie feeling hung over me as the gate screeched closed behind me. The lock clicked and a quiet beeping noise started, signaling that the lock was activated again. I looked down at my key that was pressed firmly into my palm and tossed it into a pine tree to my left. No going back.


    My feet seemed to move themselves, guiding me to the edge of the road. This would be the last time I would ever see Sherry Lane. I glanced around at the mansions that surrounded my old home. I could practically hear the laughter of children running through the streets, flat sticks in their hands. The Wilsons would always play street hockey there.  I shook my head at the memory and started walking away. The train station was only about five minutes away, thank god. 


    As I walked memories flooded my mind. I tried to push them away as tears suddenly started to fall down my cheeks. I shook my head over and over as I walked, trying to forget. "Stop it." I whispered to myself. "I said stop crying!" I screamed, stomping my foot in the mud. I immediately covered my mouth and looked around. No one could have possibly heard my scream. Not a soul would care anyways. I wasn't wanted here. 


    When I reached the station the train had just pulled up. I walked up to the ticket counter and slid my ticket through the hole in the glass. The woman who sat at the counter put down her newspaper and glared up at me through her glasses. All was silent for a moment. After a few seconds she took my ticket and punched it, handing it back to me.


  "Where you going at this hour?" She snapped in her high pitched, nasally voice. 


  I crossed my arms across my chest and took the ticket hastily. "Nowhere." And with that I turned around quickly and boarded the train. One step closer to freedom.

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