Precious Moments { A Harry Styles fan fiction }

London sounded like a perfect getaway for aspiring singer-songwriter Maya Mitchell. At the age of 19, she ran away from her home in Liverpool to find a better life doing what she loves - making music, against her parents' better judgement. She's positive that she's escaped her previously busy and demanding life until she meets her coworker, Gemma Styles. When Gemma's famous brother Harry comes into town for a few months, Maya is once again brought back to the paparazzi's attention. Maya struggles to remain out of the spotlight as she gets closer to the boy that she is fighting to avoid, and fights to stay as far away as possible from her past.


2. Musty and Dusty

*Six months later ; London, England*

    The sun is barely up over the trees when I pound on the glass doors of Taylor's Music Center, begging to get in. It's normal of course, I always seem to be losing my key to my new workplace.


    "Gemma open up!" I scream as I slam my palm into the glass making a loud smacking noise. I pulled back my hand to slam it against the glass one more time but suddenly the door opens.


    Gemma is standing in the doorway, an innocent smile on her face. "Sorry Maya. I was just taking some boxes of CD's out to the back." She steps out if the doorway, gesturing for me to come in.


    I nod to her as a silent thank you and step into the building. The air is it's usual musty smell ; kind of like the smell when you walk into an old house. The shelves are filled with dust, like sugar coating on the CD cases, and a soft classical tune plays in the background. Gemma walks slowly over to the checkout counter and leans up against the cash register. A quiet sigh escapes her lips and I can't help but notice that something's up. I glance over at her, taking in her facial expressions. She looks.. Annoyed.


    "Something wrong?" I almost whisper across the small shop while fixing up some shelves.    


    "Nothing, nothing." Gemma says, shaking her head. I turn around and face her, leaning lightly against the old shelf.


    "Gemma, I know you too well for any of this 'nothing' business. Now tell me." I demand.


    "My brother's staying back here in London with me for a few months. He's dragging his wretched girlfriend around, Thalia. I just can't stand her. I try and try and try to get along with her, but it just doesn't work out." She lets out a large sigh. I look down for a moment, unsure of what to say.


    "I'm sorry about that."


    All is silent in Taylor's Music Center for a moment. But then we both return to our usual uneventful days of straightening out CD shelves and listening to classical music in the musty-smelling store. Not much of a life for a girl who expected a whole new world at her feet.




Sorry this chapter's so boring. It brings some important details into my plot (: 

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