Over Again

Sequel to 5 Seconds Is All It Took
Recommend reading that first so you understand the storyline

Ally's been gone for 3 years, she's happily engaged but when she comes back to London for Louis and Eleanor's wedding and comes face to face with Liam and Luke what happens? Does she still feel the same or has she moved on for good?


10. Chapter 8


Just three weeks to go. Another three weeks until I get married. I still hadn't made a decision, I still loved three people and one more than the other two. I couldn't understand why everything was so complicated. If I could turn back time I would, I would never agree to a date with Liam and then I would have never met Luke, lost so many babies and never have had to make such a big decision. I would be a normal girl living a normal life, not having to worry about who I love more. As I sat thinking about everything, about who I loved the most, memories came flooding back to me.   The first time Liam met my Grandma came to my mind. It was my brothers birthday party and my mum had told me to take Liam along. He held my hand as we sat down beside her. "Gran, this is Liam, my boyfriend," I introduced him. "Hello Mrs Walker." "Oh call me Barbara. It's nice to finally meet you, Ally has told me an awful lot about you." I felt myself blush as I looked at the ground. Liam squeezed my hand and replied. "She's also told me a lot about you." We talked for a while and I was really glad that Liam and my Gran were getting on so well. "I'm just going to go get a drink. Would you like a drink too Ally?" Liam asked me. "No i'm fine." "Ok. I'll be right back." He kissed my cheek and walked to the kitchen. "He's just like you told me. I see the way he looks at you, that's how your grandad used to look at me. He's a keeper." "Thanks Gran. I'm glad you like him." Liam then came back and sat beside me. Hearing my Gran say that meant a lot to me. She met my grandad when they were 15 and he went to fight in the war when he was 20. My gran found out after he left that she was pregnant. He never came home and I knew she loved him a lot. That night we stood on the porch away from the party before Liam was going home. "I had a good time tonight," he told me. "Me too. I'm glad you met my Gran. She means a lot to me and knowing she likes you makes me feel good." "So am I. Ally there's something i've wanted to tell you for a while but I never had the courage to do it. I love you Ally." "I love you too Liam." He pulled me closer to him and kissed me. It was perfect and just thinking about it makes me feel so happy.   The first time Luke met my family came to my mind. He had time off tour and I wanted to go home for a visit. We walked in to my house and my parents were sitting on the couch. "Mum, dad. This is Luke, he's my boyfriend." "Hello Mr and Mrs Walker." "It's so good to finally meet you," my mum said standing up to hug Luke. She accepted my relationship with him even with the way we got together. "You better not hurt her like Liam did because if you don't you'll have me to deal with." "I won't sir." Luke gulped silently and I grabbed his hand squeezing it.  That night we all had dinner together and my family got to know Luke better. My brother liked him and my dad started to warm up to him. I was glad and seeing my boyfriend get along with my family so well felt good, it made me happy.   The first time Daniel met my family also came back to me. I didn't go home much so the first time they met was through skype. It wasn't meant to happen but it did. I was sat in my bedroom talking to my family when Danny came walking into the room in just his boxers. "Have you seen my shirt Ally? You took it off so quick last night I can't see it and I need it for work." "Who is that?" My dad asked. "Oh, um, that's my boyfriend Daniel." "Well introduce us," my mum said. "Danny this is my family. Mum, dad and my brother Casey." "Hello, it's nice to meet you. Well kind of meet you but..." "What do you work as?" My dad asked. "I work in my dad's investment firm." "Shouldn't you be getting to work?" I asked him. "Yes I should. I'm sorry I have to rush off." "No need to apologize. I hope we can talk soon." "Me too. I'll call back later tonight, take you to dinner," Daniel told me. "Ok. What time at?" "About 7." "I'll be ready." "Ok." He kissed me quickly on the lips and looked at the screen saying goodbye to my family. "You seem really happy honey," my mum said. "I am mum, happier than I have been for a while."    Why couldn't life just be simple? Why couldn't I just love one person instead of three? Why couldn't I just choose one of them to be with? Why did I love one more than the other three? All the questions that I didn't have an answer to...
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