Over Again

Sequel to 5 Seconds Is All It Took
Recommend reading that first so you understand the storyline

Ally's been gone for 3 years, she's happily engaged but when she comes back to London for Louis and Eleanor's wedding and comes face to face with Liam and Luke what happens? Does she still feel the same or has she moved on for good?


5. Chapter 4


I sat on the edge of the bathtub with the packet in my hands. Just two more, that's all I needed. I would be fine after two pills, I would be able to cope with everything. I took two painkillers out and had them in my hand. I was about to take them when the bathroom door opened. It was Luke. "Sorry Ally, I thought there was no one in here." "It's ok, I was just going to leave anyway," I replied grabbing my bag to put the packet in. "What is that?" Luke asked. "Nothing." "Is that a packet of pills?" "Yes, I had a headache big deal." "Give it to me." "No." "I said give it to me Ally." "No Luke, just leave me alone." "That packets almost empty isn't it?" "I said leave me alone!" He grabbed my bag and pulled the packet out. "How many have you taken?" "Two." "I can tell when you're lying." "I'm not lying." "How many did you take?" "I took four earlier and two before you came in." "Why?" "I can't deal with this! Seeing you two again is messing with my head!" "This isn't the answer!" "I know that but it's the only thing that helped me last time!" I realized what I had said and stared at him. "Forget I said that." "No! What did you mean by last time?" He sat on the edge of the bath beside me and I told him my story.   "About a month after I went to New York I started taking painkillers. I was upset, heartbroken and alone. I felt helpless and I knew I had hurt both of you. I didn't want to cut myself but I needed to do something so I started taking pills. I was addicted like a lot of the people I knew there. I was addicted for a year but then I met Danny and he helped me. I went to rehab and I got better, we started seeing each other and well the rest is history. I know I shouldn't have taken pills and I feel ashamed of myself. Danny was so proud of me and I feel like i've let him down but I couldn't help it Luke. Seeing you and Liam again it messed with my head. Made me feel terrible for breaking both of your hearts all over again. I'm so sorry I left." "Just please don't do it again. I don't want you to be hurt, because no matter what happened in the past I still love you Ally. Probably always will but I accept that you're happy now and I hope he treats you good," Luke said getting up from the bathtub. "Thank you Luke. Please don't tell anyone about this." "Your secret is safe with me." I smiled at him as he walked out the door. I really need to pull myself together or else this will get messy...
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