Over Again

Sequel to 5 Seconds Is All It Took
Recommend reading that first so you understand the storyline

Ally's been gone for 3 years, she's happily engaged but when she comes back to London for Louis and Eleanor's wedding and comes face to face with Liam and Luke what happens? Does she still feel the same or has she moved on for good?


4. Chapter 3


I sat at the airport 5 days later waiting for my flight with my headphones in. My music was on shuffle when Wet The Bed by Chris Brown came on. Liam always secretly liked it, he used to sing it to me when he wanted me. 

  He spread my legs and pulled my pants down slowly, teasing me. Typical Liam. He finally went closer to me and started eating me out. His tongue was moving slowly, just how I liked it and his fingers were rubbing me. He continued doing this until I couldn't hold on any longer and climaxed. But then he slammed himself into me, pleasuring me all over again.   I slowly stopped thinking about that situation with Liam. It was wrong, i'm engaged! I shouldn't be thinking about someone else like that. Suddenly my phone started ringing and I saw the caller ID as Perrie. "Hey what's up?" "My water broke and I can't get through to Zayn!" "You're what?! Oh god! I'm on my way!" "No! You need to go home to Danny! Sort things out, forget about Liam and Luke! Aghh!" "I can get another flight! Where are you?" "In our house!" "I'll be there soon!"    I got in a cab and started driving to Zayn and Perrie's. I tried calling Zayn but I couldn't get an answer either. I quickly searched my contacts and pressed call. "Ally?" "I couldn't get through to Zayn, Perrie's water broke." "What? Where are you?" "I'm on my way to their house now so I can take her to the hospital." "Shouldn't you be going home?" "Yes but i'll get another flight!" "I'll tell Zayn and we'll meet you at the hospital." "Thanks." I hung up and that's when I noticed a text from Danny. 'Did you ask Eleanor? Have a safe flight. I love you x' I sighed and replied: 'I'll tell you about it later x'   Danny wanted us to start a family and the only way we could do it was with a surrogate. I told him the only person I would want to carry my baby would be El so he told me to ask her. I wasn't ready for a baby, it didn't feel right. I didn't even feel excited when we had thought things out. With Liam and Luke, even though it was unplanned, I knew I wanted it. But now I didn't. So I was going to tell him that Eleanor and Louis wanted to start their own family since they got married but this was a lie. I didn't ask her, I didn't want to.   I arrived at the house and quickly ran inside. I told the taxi driver to wait and I got Perrie outside and into the taxi. I told the driver to go to the hospital and he did. I helped her through some contractions and as soon as we got to the hospital she was rushed into the delivery room. After 10 minutes Zayn, Liam and Harry came running in. "Where is she?" Zayn asked. "The room down the hall." He ran down the hall and I was left with Harry and Liam. "Shouldn't you be on your way home?" "Yeah but I had to get to Perrie."  After half an hour Harry went to get a coffee and Liam and I looked through the window at Zayn, Perrie and their baby girl. "That should have been us," he said after a few minutes silence. "No it shouldn't." "It should, I thought about Jessica the other day. She would have been 5 last month if she had been born." "Stop Liam!" "Stop what?" "Talking about this! We lost her for a reason and there's no point dwelling on what would or should have been!" "Sorry," he mumbled. "I need to go to the bathroom." I walked towards the bathroom and as soon as I opened the door I stood at the sinks and opened my bag. I took out the small packet of painkillers and stared at them. I was about to take some out but I looked in the mirror and I couldn't do it. I'd gotten over my addiction, I couldn't go back. I was doing so well and Danny was proud of me. But being back here with everyone and hearing things like what Liam just said was almost driving me to take the pills again. I needed to leave England and the sooner the better.
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