Over Again

Sequel to 5 Seconds Is All It Took
Recommend reading that first so you understand the storyline

Ally's been gone for 3 years, she's happily engaged but when she comes back to London for Louis and Eleanor's wedding and comes face to face with Liam and Luke what happens? Does she still feel the same or has she moved on for good?


3. Chapter 2


"I'll miss you," I said as Daniel packed the rest of his things. "We're only going to be apart for 5 days." "I know but i'll still miss you." "I'll miss you too, i've got to go but i'll call you when I land." "Ok." We kissed and he left the room. 'You still up for clubbing?' I texted Luke. 'Yeah. Just say when' 'Tonight?' 'Sure. I'll pick you up later' 'See you soon'  "You look great." "Thanks, I had to get something new. Don't really have anything like this anymore." "Lets go, want to get in."    I was against the wall with my legs wrapped around his waist. He pulled away from our kiss and I had my hands on his belt buckle. "Stop Ally, you're with someone. We can't do this." "Never stopped you before," I slurred. "I can't do it, just get some sleep." "You're no fun." "Come on, i'll get you some blankets." I felt myself being carried and laid down. "Goodnight Luke," I yawned closing my eyes.   "What did we do last night?" I asked as soon as I sat up. "Nothing, you tried it on with me but I turned you down." "I'm sorry." "No need to be, you were drunk. Now I know why I fell for you all those years ago." "Do you have any red bull?" "Here," he said handing me a can from the fridge. "Always was the best cure for a hangover." "Do you want any painkillers?" "No!" "Ok, just asked." "Sorry, just bad memories that's all." "Want to share." "No, it's part of my past that I want to keep in the past."    "Perrie! I tried to sleep with Luke last night!" I said down the phone as I walked back to my hotel. "You what?" "I know! How stupid am I?!" "Nothing happened though did it?" "Luke said he turned me down. I was drunk!" "Oh my god! Come over, we need to talk." "Still the same house?" "Yeah." "I'll be there soon." I hung up and flagged down a cab.
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