Romance at Nando's

My name is Emma and I am from Holmes Chapel,Cheshire. Am just a regular girls who goes to college and work at Nandos. One day I suddenly meet someone at Nandos and there starts a completely new phase of my life.Whose the one who changed Emma's life? Where will this change lead to? What effect will it leave on Emma's life?
Read 'Romance at Nandos' to find out.

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Love Amelia..xx


1. Introduction

Hey all my name is Emma and am 18 years old and i live at duh-uh!
Ok jst kidding around am from Holmes Chaple,Cheshire,England.
Dont ask me about ma parents cause all they do is "fight"
Anyways leave them lets get back to knowing me..
So I am in a college and just anotha simple girl.
i am not very popular but am happy with my life.
I am not a very outspoken person but am not vry shy too. I love to dance and sing..yeah am a really good singer..a really good bathroom singer and my bestie is Ashlee who actually is the only reason i am living! So well thats it this is what i am like. I know am not really interesting but you will know me as you get along.
And yeah did i mention that I work at Nando's?!
ummmm..yup its true that i have my job at one of the coolest restraunts ever!! And oh dont forget my amazing co-worker at Nando's ,Stacy, she is simply awesome!

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