Romance at Nando's

My name is Emma and I am from Holmes Chapel,Cheshire. Am just a regular girls who goes to college and work at Nandos. One day I suddenly meet someone at Nandos and there starts a completely new phase of my life.Whose the one who changed Emma's life? Where will this change lead to? What effect will it leave on Emma's life?
Read 'Romance at Nandos' to find out.

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5. Aghhhh this time! 2p.m. come fast!

Emma's POV

My stupid alarm clock...i punched it in order to shut was 7:00 and i had college..grrrr..i sat up on my bed and stretched..i was awoken by such a perfect dream kissing harry styles..i was soo close..i mean its never gonna happen in real though i was meeting him toda...oh wait..i was meeting him today at 2..he would pick me up from nando's...omg omg omg 

i jumped off of my bed and got ready for my college.

*skip ride to college*

aghhh..i knew it was gonna be a long day..i wanted to fast foward the time and pause it at 2p.m. u know! 

i Couldnt wait but between me and harry there was my college :'( 

i walked from the parking lot towards my locker. As i walked up to my locker i saw my bestie,Ashlee..she ran up to me and embraced me in a bear hug..(hey dont judge me..nothings wierd we had been busy past week so we never got time for each other..u no) 

she said while hugging me "o my god Em, it feels like havent met u since ages..gosh i missed u sooo much" 

aweee...isnt she sooo cute! anyways i replied tonher"awee babe i missed u too but now if u could let me go not that i dont like your hugs its jst i cant breathe!" 

She let me go and laughed and walked towards our first was maths..aghhh i hate maths but i had Ashlee so thats perfect! Mr.Woods our maths teacher was writing something on the board which was actually flying above my head so i decided texting Harry! 

i wrote 

To "hey babe..watchya doin?" 

he instantly replied "Was just thinking about watchYA doin?;)" 

To "am stuck up in this boring maths class god knows what this guy is teaching us..aghh i so wish u were here!" 

harry replied me "awee..i too wish that i could be with ya love,but dont worry we are meeting at 2,then we can spend all day TOGETHER!" 

To "u r such a cheecky boi! I cant wait to meet ya...xx" 

harry instantly replied "me too..i gtg now love,ill cya at 2..take care..bye ..xx" 

To "bye ..u too take care..xx" 

aweee he is such a darling..wait...did he jst said 'together'?! o_0 

Does he feel the same way i feel..aghh Emma ..shut up..he is such a big pop star he can have any girl why will he choose ya! I was snapped out of my thoughts or should i call my 'Daydreaming session' by Mr.Woods.. 

he said "Miss.Roberston...Miss.Emma Robertson"..i quickly got up from my seat..he asked me "So what is the answer to this problem?" I actually now was thinking what should i reply so i just spoke " should be ..ummm..yeah..umm..." i mentally slapped myself ..i was being a jerk...gish Harry you are on my mind! Then suddenly the bell rang and wohoooo thank god i was saved! Mr.Woods said " better pay attention in the class next time,Miss.Robertson" 

i sighed in relief and walked out of the class..and i knew what was coming..Ashlee gave me the "What did just happened Emma would u like to explain" look. 

i acted innocent and answered "what!? i didnt do anything!<<<<<<<<---(Ryna only for you!) i don know why u r lookin at me THAT way!"now i quickly looked off ..i would say i looked everywhere except looking at her and pretended as if i was from some unknown planet and do not belong from here! 

she replied "oh cut the crap Em u so no wat am asking u ,so u better stop acting innocent and speak up huh!"<<<<<<<<<----(Ryna babe answer to ur Q! ;p) 

i replied "what! i seriously dont know watchya talking about babe"i gave her my best puppy dog eyes trying to get her mind off of this topic! 

She snapped and me and said "fine! you are too innocent yeah!? oh kay then lemme do this my way!" ..she had an evil smirk on her face and this time i really was scared ,i, doubted her "Ash...b-b-babe what are you g-g-going to do? babe am s-scared now!" 

Ashley just grabbed my phone from my hand and ran away from me and i ran after her but then i stopped and grinned to myself 'cause i remembered that i had my passwor..oh crap..o wait ..she is my bestie and she knek my pas..i screamed along the corridor "Ashley..ashley u better give me my phone or you will regret it..dont u dare open my phone..!!" Ok my warning didnt work ..aghhh...face was too late i reached her took away my phone and bingo! My inbix was open and she was grinning!!! Aghhh..after a long silence i spoke "Ash..." but i was cut by "Omg Em i cant believe could could you have a boyfriend and you didnt tell me..niw i wanna know everything ..IN DETAIL! 

I said "ok ok miss.hyper queen <<<<----(ameesha babe new name for u!) went like 1 day i was working at Nando's and suddenly Harry Styles and Niall Hor..." ashlee almost screamed juming up and down "omg..omg omg Em so does that mean ur '' is one of the guys on whom practically the whole world dies..those guys with whom having a photograph is every girl's dream come true..u are dating one of the boys from ONE DIRECTION" 

o gosh..she has gone to her fangirl mode! i calmed her down and started "woha Ash hold your horses..and LISTEN TO ME..i have just met Harry once and today ill be meeting him second time ONLY..and he is NOT my boyfriend please calm down!" 

She finally became stable and i walked back to Nando's and Miss.hyper queen decided to come with me at Nando's to meet ''..


ummm..m so so sorry guys i know you were expecting this chapter to be Harry's and Emma's date but guys i thought you should wait a bit..okok dont beat me up for this.. 

seriously guys i dont wanna keep you waiting but am stuck ill write super soon!

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