Romance at Nando's

My name is Emma and I am from Holmes Chapel,Cheshire. Am just a regular girls who goes to college and work at Nandos. One day I suddenly meet someone at Nandos and there starts a completely new phase of my life.Whose the one who changed Emma's life? Where will this change lead to? What effect will it leave on Emma's life?
Read 'Romance at Nandos' to find out.

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2. A not so usual day!

Emma's POV 

So today is Wednesday i still have 2 more days before weekend..i thought as i was walking down the street, tired towards Nando's..yay!..cut the sarcasm..well its not that i dont like my job rather i love it but at times it really gets tiring i feel like my life will end up chasing roads from college to Nando's and from Nando's to my home and then back to college and the cycle continues.. 

Anyways i was lost in my own 'world' until i bumped into somebody and as i quickly recovered my senses i saw my co-worker ,Stacy whom i have accidentially bumped into and spilled the coffee all over her clean, ironed uniform.

"Crap am so sorry Stace so so so sorry, lemme help you clean that" i said to Stacy mentally slapping myself at being so clumsy. 

"Its ok Em i see u were DEEP in something or should i say someone!?" she smirked at me. 

I just shrugged and walked past her and got changed into my uniform. 

I took the place over untill she got herself cleaned.. 

after 20 mins she came back fully cleaned and got back to work..

We took orders and served, now we are free for a while as we have completed all the orders and there are no new customers. 

Stacy asks me to manage the work in her absence as she wanted to take her break because she had been working since 3 hours and i had just started my day. 

So i nod at her as she removes her appreign and walks out of Nando's 

So here i am alone..nothing to do so i decided to arrange the messed up heap of trays.. 

i bent down amd started arranging them when i heard the door open.

I popped my little head from behind the counter to see who it was. 

I saw a blond haired guy jumping up and down and going crazy like a 5 year old kid who just got a new toy. well he ws cute!He was followed by some guy with chocolate brown curls who was a bit taller than him and was wearing a wite v-neck Tee with a black TIGHT really tight skinny jeans and I must admit he looked hot realy hot..wait am sound like some despo chick..godd..i thought to my self "Emma shut up what are you thinking get back to work" ..and i pretended as if i didnt pay any attention to him and continued my work. 

As they came up to me to place their order i emerged from behind the counter and looked up , i said "what can i do.." but then i couldnt speak any further..i felt like am out of VOICE! i saw the two guys and there i was standing in complete shock with my mouth half open making me look like some idiot-head! Dont judge me yiu dont know who they were! 

they wernt jst "some" blond n curly head guys they were fucking niall horan and harry styles from the world famous boyband one direction.

They came closer and saw me standin behind the counter.. i was unable to move or speak or anything. 

niall whisperd sumthind in harry's ear and leaves and sits on a table near by. 

Harry is starin me up and down. 

I was blushing so so so badly duh-uh he ws HARRY STYLES , THE HARRY STYLES! 

He came close.. 


he leans against the counter looking into my eyes with his green eyes..making me wanna get lost in them forever..oh those eyes..those beautiful eyes..aghhhh i started again..i needed to stop so i shut my eyes tightly blocking the sight of his gorgeous eyes! 

i cud feel him moving closer 

Am sure i was turning into million shades of pink! 

Then he leaned in , closer closer n i could feel his hot breath on my cheek. 

Every now and then my heart skips,skips,skips,skips a beat!<<<

Then he leaned closer brushing my skin with his lips..ohhh i so badly want them on!Emma what are you thulinking. 

i stood there without speaking a word, eyes shut tightly ..just then i hear him softly in his sexy ,husky voice saying "5 peri peri chickens, 2 large chocolate shakes and 2 medium moblie cokes please"

I open my eyes ...and feel...wierd! Umm iont know but i feel wierd..did i want smthin else? Aghhh i mentally slap myself..n as i recover from ma so called "feels" i begin to prepare "their" order 

I see harry walking back towards niall. 

Every second am luking at harry 

I see him staring at me as i prepare his order 

I became really nervous n concious *ofc ny1 will b nervous its harry fuckin styles!* 

I prepared his order and as i took it towards him 

I lose ma balance due to wet floor*face palm to myself!* 

I drop d food amd am almost in tear*u no the CLUMSY me!*

My eyes were tightly closed due to the fear of falling and breaking what not! 

But then i realise am secure in a pair of strong arms and can smell a really nice cologne.. 

I open my left eye n then right eye making sure that i wasnt DEAD! 

My eyes met wid those same green beautiful eyes staring right into mine and this time i was deeply lost in his eyes! 

I tried to stand up but he pulled me back into the same position so i am noe lying freely in his arms.. 

i tries to say sorry and any minute now the tears i have been holding back are gonna fall like an endless waterfall But he gentlly puts his finger on my lips to shut me 

He asks " u ok,love? " his voice full of concern sending chills down my body 

I jst blush n nod 

He brings me back to my normal position and i feel his hand on my hip

(Some dirty stuff ;p 

No nothing like that don fly ur dirty brains anywhere my sexy niggas!!) 


ok i feel his hand slide down the back pocket of my jeans.. 

he sofly says in my ear "nice to meet you ..umm" he looks at my name batch and say "Emma..and you know you are beautiful..have a great day love" he then did his million dollar smile showing off his perfectly white sparkling teeth and his dimples..omg i was dead there and there! 

he winks at me and leaves with Nialler.. 

i see him as he n niall drove off in their black Range Rover. 

omg..omg..omg..i still cant believe i jst served ..well i dropped the food that i was gonna serve..anyways i jst met niall horan n harry styles form one direction ..umm..wait... sorry correction i was in the arms of harry styles..omg..omg!omg! 

the whole day i was smiling sheeply and got many wierd looks from customers and specially Stacy who had no idea what jst happened in her absence.. 

the rest of the day was perfect.. 

i left Nando's late and walked back home and this time not tired at all..rather jumping and dancing in the middle of the road!



guys i know this chapter got long but ill try to make other chapters smaller than this but i really really hope u like it..this is my first work so plz plz plz motivate me by commenting,liking,favourating  and fanning me.. 

i hope u like it i really worked very hard for this chapter i wrote it thrice.. i really hope u enjoy it..

thanks and love ya all 


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