Ssssh..It's 1D's Secret!

Destiny, a new student joins Ikata Academy in the middle of the session and on her first day, comes across Harry. As luck would have it, they have a fight. Will she make friends after that?

Harry, the rude student-president becomes more aggressive. He hates destiny and vice-versa.

Niall, Louis and Zayn are pretending to be like Harry, cold-blooded. But how long will they keep up this facade?

Stacey, the only girl-friend that Destiny has, is hiding something. What could it be?

To make matters worse, Harry and Destiny have to spend two nights alone in the dark forest. With a twist of fate, they become "Friends". He had protected her them. But... From what?

As Harry falls for Destiny, he's not alone, there's Liam too.

Destiny, too likes them. But is confused. Whom will she choose?

Moreover, there's a dark secret. Buried two years back, in the frozen lake, that night. Only Stacey and the 1D's know about it. What exactly happened that night? Does anyone have a clue? I know I do.


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4 (The Speech)


*The director spoke*


"Decorum is to be maintained. We do not have room for hooligans out here. May I have your attention please? I would like to welcome, all of you to Ikata academy. We are starting off with our classes again, tomorrow.

"Hope you had a great vacation. From the extreme left, I would like to introduce you all to few of our new members. I know, hardly does anyone join in the middle of the session. But don't forget, we welcome everyone with open arms instead of 'fists'.

"I don't want students visiting my room already due to breaking of rules. We will not tolerate these behaviors. If you want to fight, why not join some yahoos? Instead of spoiling the school's reputation.

"You, please come up to the podium'', the director finished his speech and he was pointing towards someone. And I realized, it was ME!!!


Destiny's P.O.V


I'm quite anxious and annoyed. I can't speak. Not after that freakin' fight. I walked up to the podium. Due to the quarrel that took place few minutes back, I was tongue tight.  The moment I turned myself to face the students gathered, the first person I saw was..HARRY STYLES!! Why Harry? Argghhh!  Sitting next to him was, Liam. Thoughts started to run back and forth in my mind.


Harry's P.O.V


Great. This is my chance. I'll insult her in front of everyone. I'm the student-president of this institution. You'll pay for this bitch! Ha-ha. Lemme remind her that she is one of the ugly girls of this institution.

''Hey ugly, hah aha’’, I yelled. She looked up and saw everyone laughing.

Serves her right. For ignoring Harry's command and for talking back. Fuck you bitch!

''You big nothing! sucker! Speak something bitch! What's wrong? All this time you were giving me your stupid lectures? Now what? Tongue tight? Can't ya speak?'' I yelled once again. At first everyone looked at me wearing that 'are you crazy?' expression. I gave them a bad stare and with that almost everyone started yelling and laughing. I was satisfied.


Louis's P.O.V


Harry is crossing the lines. He lost his etiquette along with that bitch. I only wish of him to change fast. He's hurting everyone with his power. She'll cry any moment if he keeps doing this to her, just because of that petty issue. Fuck. She is already crying. Her cheeks flushed red and she kept her head down. Harry looked satisfied. I felt like hitting him hard. Zayn and few others looked a bit concerned. Harry, how I wish to smack you hard with my fist on your face. Making a new girl cry, on her first day.


Destiny's P.O.V


Tears raced down my cheeks. It is really embarrassing. What did I do? Why are they treating me like this? I haven't done no wrong. It was all Harry’s fault. He yelled at me. If he wanted to talk to me, couldn't he just say the same fuckin' thing in a soft and soothing tone? My life will now change forever, starting today. All because of today's bullshit quarrel.

I stood there for almost eight minutes, thinking.Tears still running down my cheeks. I thought, perhaps the teachers would take some strict measures against them. But,nothing happened. They were JUST simply watching me. And I remembered Stacey's words. They can't do anything to him apart from giving him detention. I have to hold it in. This will soon get over.

Without thinking any further, I made my way through the exit door and came out of the auditorium. I could hear the teachers call out my name but I didn't care. Fuck! This is Ikata. Where the teachers support the faggots like him and yell at students like us. Two more years to go. I'm sick of this place, already. Dammit! I ran out. Away from that bullshit auditorium. Away from harry and away from the rest of the people.

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