Ssssh..It's 1D's Secret!

Destiny, a new student joins Ikata Academy in the middle of the session and on her first day, comes across Harry. As luck would have it, they have a fight. Will she make friends after that?

Harry, the rude student-president becomes more aggressive. He hates destiny and vice-versa.

Niall, Louis and Zayn are pretending to be like Harry, cold-blooded. But how long will they keep up this facade?

Stacey, the only girl-friend that Destiny has, is hiding something. What could it be?

To make matters worse, Harry and Destiny have to spend two nights alone in the dark forest. With a twist of fate, they become "Friends". He had protected her them. But... From what?

As Harry falls for Destiny, he's not alone, there's Liam too.

Destiny, too likes them. But is confused. Whom will she choose?

Moreover, there's a dark secret. Buried two years back, in the frozen lake, that night. Only Stacey and the 1D's know about it. What exactly happened that night? Does anyone have a clue? I know I do.


3. Chapter 3

       Chapter 3 (Quarrel with harry)


Destiny's P.O.V

The moment I entered, all eyes were fixed on me. 'Why are they staring? Is something wrong with my dress?!' I thought and pulled on my dress.

''Hey, come over here!'' a guy with curly hair yelled. "Why?" I yelled back. "Do as I say, dork!" I simply ignored and walked past him and took my sit, far away from the rest of the people beside a girl. <Weirdo>


Harry's P.O.V

What the fuck! Did that girl fuckin' ignore me? Bitch! How dare she? I'll show her, the consequences of ignoring me, Harry styles. I just can't fuckin' believe it! I can't tolerate anyone spoiling my reputation and my morale. 'Don't fuck with me bitch! You have no idea, whom you’re fuckin' with!' –the words kept ringing inside my head like an alarm.


Destiny’s P.O.V

''Girl, are you out of your mind?" The girl sitting next to me looked at me with horror.

“Ignoring harry styles? You have no idea, how vicious he is!'' Her eyes were wide open.

''He's not a freaking prince or something. I ain't going anywhere.''

''Than good luck. You really are in need of this, for he's on his way'', she said and moved away from my seat.


I saw that guy walking towards me with anger dwelling in his eyes, followed by four other guys. I swallowed hard, regretting deep inside. But I won't give up. If I do, I'll be stereotyped as sissy. And I can't let that happen. He stopped right in front of my seat.


''Stand up!'' he yelled. ''Why should I?'' I questioned back.

''Because harry. HARRY STYLES asked you to!''

"I have no time for your bullshit. Buzz off!''

"You've gotta be kidding me?! Nobody talks to harry like that!''

"But I just did", I replied back with sarcasm.

"You’re gonna pay for this bitch! I'm giving you a last chance. Get up, fall on your knees and apologize, NOW!"

''Fuck, NO!'', I yelled.


Everyone in the room gathered to witness this quarrel. The buzzing sound began.


''Have a look at yourself in the mirror. Do you have any idea of how ugly you are? People would rather spit on your ugly face.''

''Oh really? Then I guess, you should be the first one to spit?''

''Bitch, you’re not worth it. Even my spit deserves a better place. Your face falls below my standard, ha-ha."

''It's enough harry. You should just let her go'', a guy standing next to him spoke.

''Liam, you better step back. I know how to handle bitches'' he said to him.


''Who the fuck are you calling a BITCH?!!'' I yelled.

''You'', he replied.

''You know what Mr. Harry Styles; look at yourself in the mirror first. You ain't nothing but a stereotyped jerk!''

''Jerk? Are you serious? Guys, did you just hear that? This bitch out here is calling me a stereotyped jerk! How many of ya'all think that I'm a jerk?"


Destiny’s P.O.V

He looked around for answer. Everybody looked down. Then his gaze returned back to me. I hated the scene that he created but somehow I kept my cool.

"You meant stereotyped jerk right? Look around, moron. You have now entered 'Hell Home’, don’t ya fuck with me and be careful. Anything can...”

"Just fuck off, faggot! Son of a bitch!" *I yelled raising my middle finger* "This is what you and your bloody attitude deserve. Middle finger’s salute...”


Loud steps could be heard from outside the auditorium. All of us turned towards the door.

Someone yelled, "The teachers are back! Move back to your seats, fast!" Everyone assembled to watch the quarrel, departed and took their seats really fast.


Harry's P.O.V

How dare she? That slag! I don't care but I’ll fuckin’ teach her a lesson. Who the fuck is she to talk back? Doesn’t she know, Harry rules this place? Every student is bound to listen to me, no matter WHAT! She maybe new but I do not allow anyone to talk back. I clenched my teeth with anger.

"Harry, are you alright?" Liam asked.

"You better not disturb. I am so fucked up because of that slut! That girl will pay for this! She surely will!"

"Spare her. She's new. Why are you after her?"

"Nobody speaks to harry like that. Did you not see the way she talked back. You think I have the capacity to tolerate her bullshit? No."

"Leave her harry. She is new to this institution. She has no idea..."

"Shut up! Just zip your fuckin’ mouth! Will ya?!"



Liam's P.O.V

What's wrong with harry? I can't believe, he has actually turned himself into a beast. With nothing but hatred in his heart. Just because of that Stella. Ah!  I don't even want to tell her name. Poor new girl. I hope things settle down. Moreover, she is new. She has no idea about the norms of Ikata and about HARRY!

After a minute, the teachers entered. All of us stood up.


Destiny's P.O.V

My mind is already suffocating. Too much of events will eventually explode my head. Harry Styles, my freakin’ ass. What does he think of himself? I want to squeeze him like some fuckin' lemon and take out his entire ego like the juice.

That weird girl sat next to me again. I tried to ignore her. Anger turned into tears. I forced back the tears. I am not going to cry. Not for that fuckin' schmuck!

"I told you. Nobody ignores harry. You can't help but listen to him. Everybody listens to him", she whispered.


"Because...Umm...his dad's a millionaire. He's stinking rich.  He is the student-president. Even the teachers can’t do anything about it apart from giving him detention. And you must have noticed those four guys hanging around next to him, right?"


"Those four guys keep hanging around him 24x7. They are a group, a closed group. They are: Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson."

"Who was that guy, who spoke up for me?"

"Umm... I think... Yea. It was Liam. He is a nice chap.''

"Oh. Liam. I see."

"They call themselves '1D's"


"Abbreviation for One Direction, you know."

''No wonder they suck! Freakin’ wannabes.''

''Hey they are extremely popular in our school. No girl has ever caught their attention. If someone did, than she has to be super lucky."

I gave her a surprised look.

"Whoa... Go on...”

She went on-"There was a girl though, in Harry's life. She betrayed harry. Everyone knows about it. I mean all the old students know about it. How much he loved her. But, he never guessed her evil motive. And he turned himself into this ugly beast."

*I turned to look at harry*

''Whatever. I don't give a fuck. I'm Destiny Chamberlain by the way."

''Stacey. I'm Stacey Cumber."

''Glad to meet you Stacey."

We shook hands.

''Same here'', she replied with a smile.

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