Love along the beach

Alyssa loves school. Always has and thought she always would. Everyone liked her and she was friendly but when the new bad boy starts in september the way Alyssa feels about school might change...


6. Mystery

Alyssa's P.O.V

We got an A on our science project! I did most of the work but i think zayn was a bit upset that he didnt help that much so i had to convince him it wouldnt have gotten an A without him. We walk out of science and see Ava and Niall walking down the corridor holding hands. Thats weird. I thought it was aurea he was interested in. It turns out he gave her his number because she needed help with french and thats it. Zayn explained this all the way to history where we met Liam again. "Hey man," says Zayn. "Did you see Niall and Ava?" "Yeah! You told me you saw him give his number to Aurea though," liam says picking up his bag about to walk into class. "Yeah, but that was for french help though, thats what he told me," says Zayn following him into class. Im about to walk in when Alex runs up to me. "Hey, we have some bad news," she starts but then our history teacher comes out and tells us to get into class. "Tell me at lunch," I say to her as we sit down.

Zayns P.O.V

"Babe, is it ok if i sit with the girls today," Alyssa asks me as we walk into the school canteen. We usually all sit together. "Yeah sure. Is there a problem?" I ask. "Oh its just some girly issues," she says to me. I give her a kiss on the cheek and she runs off to Alex and Ava. Ava looks a bit distressed. Anyway I walk and sit down with the boys. Niall looks upset and the boys are all looking like theres a raincloud over their heads. Even Louis. "Hey, whats wrong?" I ask sitting down. Niall just puts his head in his hands and Harry ruffles his curls. "Um, long story." says liam. Wait a second. I turn around and see the girls looking for Aurea. An upset Niall, an upset Ava and a missing Aurea. I dont think thats a coincidence...

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