Love along the beach

Alyssa loves school. Always has and thought she always would. Everyone liked her and she was friendly but when the new bad boy starts in september the way Alyssa feels about school might change...


2. Chemistry

Alyssa's P.O.V

I walk into class anyway and sit down at a random desk. Then before my friend Aurea can sit down next to me quiff boy takes the seat. "Hey," he says grinning at me. "Hi," I say blushing. "Im Zayn," he says bending down to take out his books. "Im Alyssa," I say and I see him smile even more. Whats with this guy. Please hurry up and give us our lab parteners. "Now, Alyssa, you will be with..." she scans down the list. "Zayn Malik." Great. He smiles again at me. I blush, he really does have those chocolate eyes that make your insides melt. Hs name seems very familiar and he looks very familiar too. Eh, it will come to me.

Zayns P.O.V

Well, you have to be friendly and she really is gorgeous. And shes my lab partener, bonus. "Now, your first assignment is for the both of you. You have a 2 weeks so you have to get together in your free time." Yes! Wow, today is really going my way. I see Alyssa, what a beautiful name, mouthing something to a girl i saw her talking to earlier. Must be one of her friends. "Thats Aurea," she says when she sees me staring. I think Aurea is the one who Niall was asking for directions earlier. Im sure the piece of paper he gave with a load of numbers was his way of saying thank you. He got in there. Anyway the bell goes at the end of the double class and it turns out Alyssa is in my next class too. I see her say goodbye to her friend who runs off and joins up with Niall, he got in there quick. "So, where is History?" I ask. She sighs, "follow me."

Alyssas P.O.V

Hes nice and i really like him but i dont want to seem to desperate. Plus i think he enjoys having me play hard to get. We get to history when it hits me. I take one look at him and I remember. I remember where hes from.


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