Girl 913

Girl 913 is one of the Forbidden and a houseless. An assian but something is about to turn her killer world upside-down. And it comes in the form of Boy 914, but which side will he be on in the war. The say all is fair in love and war but what about being in loven in a war?


3. Weapons

Girl heard a beep. The black cat she was trying to imaginerre dissapered in a puff of black smoke. Boy sighed. He had been trying to do a white wolf. He'd got a paw but that was about it. "Training. Hope you survive." She grabbed a hairclip and a bracelet. Both were silver studded with shining onyx. She threw him a pen and a watch. "What am I going to do with these?"

"Kill people. Oh and train."

"With a pen and a watch?"

"There not a pen and a watch."

Girl grabbed them back. She took of the lid of the pen. It was a nice sleek black pen shaped like a fox. It looked like she a unscrewed it's tail. A long silver blade sprung up. The fox's muzzle opened up into a snarl and small pointed ivory teeth appeared. She twiddled the left dial on the watch and the clock face grew huge and sea-green. In the middle a pair of black foxes stood on their hindlegs, claws out and paws raking down the other fox's chest. Boy's mouth was a perfect "o". She pressed the onyx stone in the middle. A whirr and a storm-grey shield appered with a five-tailed Fire fox in the middle spewing fire that made the rim of the shield. Not a drawing of fire, actual fire burning bright. She pulled her hair clip from her hair. She pressed the the first stud. It strechted and bent in to a bow and a quiver full of beautiful arrows shimmered into exstince on her back. It was still studded and she pressed the first stud again and there was the hair clip and the quvier was gone. "Depending on which stud I press I get a different weapon. Dagger, double axe, sword, double sword and samarai sword. Press the same stud twice, hairclip."


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