*Paused* The last Grace (Percy Jackson Fan Fiction)

After almost getting eaten by my P.E teacher, I didn't think things could get much worse. Well, that was until I found out her best friend was half-donkey! Sorry, half-horse. My name is Selena Phos and this is how my whole world got turned upside down, shaken, stirred, used as maracas and thrown out of the window of the top floor of the Empire State Building. In other words: Trashed.


3. Snoring, Noogies and Awkward Almost Silences

My eyes flutter open slowly and my head pounds as I sit up. Around me, in other beds, lie kids around me age bandaged up, in casts or with ice packs. After a moment's hesitation I swing my legs out of bed and get on my feet. I make my way slowly to the entrance of the large tent next to a guy around my age who had a bandage round his leg and was snoring his head off. I stop and stare at him. Could he get any louder?

"That's Daniel." A voice behind me breaks the silence.

"Daniel Stevens." Adds another voice that sounded so familiar to the first. I whip around and come face to face with two guys that looked so alike with there messy brown hair and blue eyes that they could be twins.

"Who are you?" I ask, unsure whether they were friends or foes.

The slightly smaller guy smiles kindly. "I'm Connor Stoll."

"And I'm Travis Stoll." The taller guy answers. Brothers. Thought so. "Who are you?" Travis asks.

"I'm Selena." I say after a moments hesitation. "Selena Phos." Travis snickers.

"Cool name. By the way, we're-"

"Trouble." Interrupts a voice from behind the brothers. Connor and Travis step back to reveal another guy with black hair and brown eyes. "I see you've met my half-brothers." He smiles at me and holds out his hand. "I'm Chris." I shake his hand.

"Selena." He releases my hand and gives a startled cry when Travis puts him in a headlock and gives him a noogie. He squirms in Travis' grip, forcing Travis to let him go. Chris sorts out his hair.

"I'll get you back for that." Chris tells him smirking while Travis looks smug. Someone whistles from the treeline outside of the tent, making us turn. A girl was waving wildly trying to get our attention. "Oh, that's my cue." Chris smiles. "It isn't wise to keep Clarisse waiting. See you guys later." Chris runs off the join the girl.

"I got to go too." Says Travis. "I haven't pranked Miranda Gardiner in..." He looks at his watch. "...an hour and a half." He looks back up and smirks. "I got real good one lined up." He begins to walk out but stops and turns to look back at us. "If you hear screaming don't worry, it's gonna be Miranda."

"Or Travis if she catches him." Connor whispers to me.

"I heard that." Travis called as he walked away. We burst out laughing, but it fades in a couple seconds. It would've left us in an awkward silence, but Daniel was still snoring.

"So... um... Would you like me to... uh... Give you the tour of the camp?" Connor asks nervously.

"That would be great Connor." His face lights up.

"Well, um... right this way." He leads out of the tent. I would tell about dream about the girl Annabeth to someone later. Right now I needed to know what was going on. Also, there was a cute boy walking a couple feet in front of me giving me a tour, so I wasn't really concentrating.


*Author's note*

Sorry about this, I hate to interrupt stories with this, but I think I owe a small apology for this chapter being late. I've had a couple bits of coursework to do and it's boring and a big pain. Also, I finished it a couple days ago, but I accidentally deleted it. D: It was epic and I tried to recover it but I failed to be able to, so I rewrote it. Sorry if you had to wait too long. <3

Hope you like the chapter, another on it's way soon.

StoryDivine <3

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